5 Nov 2014

School Run Colours - My Brand New Linky

My little boy started nursery school this year. Yesterday was his first day back after the half-term holidays.

Before the holidays, the entire C-household was plagued with viruses of all shapes and sizes. Call it the curse of the first term, or changing seasons, or plain old bad luck, all of us were in the grip of a crippling cold for days on end. So although we started the school year as we meant to continue, the school-run / school-walk / school-scoot soon got taken over by the family car. It would have been physically impossible to cope otherwise.

A real shame, to be honest, as my boy really loves to scoot, and I love to join in either walking or jogging alongside him. When school re-opened yesterday, I pledged to lock away the car keys and pick up the cycle lock instead.

As luck would have it, yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, and we thoroughly enjoyed our school-run. The day was closing in by the time we reached home. I happened to look up at the sky, and was amazed by what I saw.

The sun was setting on the horizon, a blazing ball of fire, barely visible behind the row of houses that blocked my view. But the golden hue had spread across the blue sky, tinting it with a warm glow. Warm, even for a winter sun. The light danced off the smattering of white clouds in an otherwise clear sky.

I whipped out my phone and  Instagramed the scene. And that I thought, was that. I could not have been more mistaken.


We walked to school today as well. The sun shone without warmth in the cold blue sky. But there was enough brightness to light up a magnificent old tree on the side of the road, its majestic branches still bearing the burden of its yellowing leaves.

I stopped in my tracks and captured the moment on my phone and in my mind's eye.


And then inspiration struck. School runs can always be so chaotic. Everyone in a rush, a race against time. So much so, that we often overlook and fail to admire our surroundings. When was the last time you noticed the hues of blue in the sky?

You do not have to be out in the open countryside in the middle of spring; there is inspiration all around us no matter what the time of year, no matter where you live.

I am starting this linky in the hope that it will prompt you to ditch the car (if you haven't already) in favour of walking/running/cycling/jogging/scooting to school, and so have the opportunity to breathe in and be inspired by the myriad of colours that are all around us.

Perhaps to take a photograph or to pen a few words. 

All I ask is that you capture the essence of those colours and share it here. You can link up an image, a photograph, a poem, an essay, an experience, an adventure, anything you like. And yes, grey is a colour. As is black, white, purple and green.

If you no longer do the school run, well, just find an excuse to swap the car for a walk. Just make sure the colours are captured when you are without your car.

I hope to be here every Wednesday with new #SchoolRunColours. I hope you will join me. x

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  1. I love the idea of walking to school but we live more than 10 miles away so it's just not possible sadly. :-(

  2. What a lovely idea. I have a school run album on my facebook and love to see the kids growing up and the changing season

  3. I quite often snap the sky on the school run, lovely idea for a linky!

  4. Aw what a really lovely idea and definitely something to keep everyone occupied on route to school x

  5. Lovely idea. I just have to remember to join in next week.

  6. Lovely idea - My two walk the,selves to school now so I won't be joining in but I'll look forward to seeing your posts x

  7. A really lovely idea for a linky - I don't need to do a school run any more, but stopping to just take in surroundings as we walk along is something I've always loved to do x

  8. Lovely idea to make the school run fun!

  9. That's a super idea and I love your photos! My two children now walk or cycle to school on their own. Dare I say it, I miss the fresh air and morning walks to kick start my day, although I do still try to ditch the car when I'm making any shorter journeys. #PoCoLo http://www.averageandproud.blogspot.co.uk

  10. A lovely linky, I walk my daughters to school and give us plenty of time so we can really take in the journey :)


  11. I am always the mom staying in the grounds after school to take photos of the flowers! This is such an amazing linky idea. Can you please set a reminder a day or 2 before? =) #pocolo

  12. Wow what beauiful colours. We walk to school and I really enjoy the time to look around and chat and think....although not so much in the rain!!

  13. You've captured a beautiful set of photos! This is a great idea for a linky. I'm not doing school runs yet :)

  14. My son walks to the school. We live quite close, and this is a small town, so he can do it all by himself. But I do love having excuses to go out and take pictures :)

  15. Gorgeous pictures, I love an excuse to take photographs, I also love the walk to school, except when its raining when it turns into a bit of a jog, little legs permitting!

  16. We have always walked to school and back, come rain or shine. It is a great idea to spot colours though and take in your surroundings. We like to play I-Spy with colours to do this. "I-Spy, with my little eye, something...blue!" My daughter loves it! Love your photos.


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