18 Nov 2014

School Run Colours #2

I launched my new linky last week. To be honest, I was not expecting anyone to link up. Not because bloggers don't like linkys, but many, like me, find it difficult to keep track of the many linkys that are out there, running like clockwork, week after week. Plus, we all have our favourites.

So it goes without saying that it takes some hard graft for a new linky to make its mark. Perseverance is key. As is a good concept for a link-up, which I hope this one is.

School Run Colours is about swapping the car for a walk/jog/run/scoot/bicycle/skateboard/bus for the school run or anywhere else you can. And about appreciating colours that surround us when doing so. It is about finding inspiration in those colours.

The lovely Merlinda from Glimmer of Hope did link up last week, and I was delighted to share her stunning School Run Colours.

As for this, my second School Run Colours, I offer you a haiku inspired by the photo I took on the way back home after I had dropped J off at school.


Snaking leaves
Emeralds in green chains adorn
Bejewelled glory

If you are new to the School Run Colours linky, you can read more about it here. And to find out how I ended up being inspired to start this linky, please visit my previous post School Run Colours - My Brand New Linky.

Now the bit about the linky rules:
1) Please link up only one post, new or old, per week. 
2) Please add the School Run Colours badge displayed below to your post. 
3) Follow me, your host, on twitter @vaichin and use the hashtag #SchoolRunColours when sharing your posts on social media. I will retweet your posts if you mention me in your tweets. 
4) I will be pinning all linked up posts to my Pinterest board School Run Colours. It would be great if you could follow the board. 
5) Last, but by no means the least, please visit and comment on your host's post, and at least 2 other posts. We all know that the only way linkys work is when we share the love.
I will be here every Wednesday morning at 7o'clock with new #SchoolRunColours. The linky will stay open till the following Tuesday 6pm. I hope you will join me with your own #SchoolRunColours.

Grab the #SchoolRunColours badge:

School Run Colours

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  1. Awww nice photo and even nicer words! I wish I can just swish out my wand and compose something as nice as your haiku =)

    1. Thanks Merlinda. I have only recently started writing haikus, and have fallen in love with their brevity, simplicity and beauty.

  2. You do write wonderful haiku, I haven't tried to write one since I was in school! Made the most of the blue skies yesterday morning and walked to school :)

    1. Thanks for linking up Sara. And thank you for appreciating my haiku. Means a lot coming from a wonderful poet like you x

  3. Great idea for a linky.
    My little girl starts school in January so i will be joining in then!

  4. It was actually this linky that made me think that my son was wearing the wrong coat this morning! And we saw a gorgeous rainbow - it is having time to blog and comment on it all though too isn't it. Great picture.

  5. What a lovely idea. We sadly have to drive to school which is half an hour each way but at least we're driving through countryside

  6. great idea and I love your photo xx

  7. This is such a great idea. Lovely photo.

  8. Lovely photo and a great idea for a inky. We live directly over the road from our school so pretty much take 2 steps and are there. Once we move I doubt we will be so close and will join in as we take in a new town and new experiences.

  9. Great idea for a linky, if mine went to school I'd join in :) Nice Haiku too :)

  10. Written very beautifully. I had to read it twice :) and great linky!! It definitely makes you take a step back to appreciate your surroundings

  11. Love the photo and a great idea for a linky. Love the words.

  12. This is such a great idea and next time we walk to school, we shall definitely join in. Brilliant haiku too :) Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo :) x

  13. Gorgeous photo - am always taking pics on the school run so must join in

  14. Lovely pic and am very impressed with your haiku. I've never tried to write one of those. Great idea for a linky.

  15. Lovely idea for a linky! If I was doing the school run would definitely link up


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