10 Oct 2014

The Mistake

I am writing my first ever piece of flash fiction in response to this week's The Prompt. I have tried to do it as the 100 word challenge.

"You are making a mistake." The words rang in her ears. Coming from those closest to her, they had impaled her conscience like a blazing arrow. 

Now, as the sharp pain seared through her fragile body, she could not help but think that perhaps this was a mistake. Too late to do anything about, but a mistake nevertheless.

She let out a blood-curdling scream as the next wave of agony swept away all conscious thought. A desperate attempt to quell the rising tide of despair that was engulfing her.

There was nobody to hear. She was alone. With her mistake.



  1. Really like this...
    Short and punchy, which I guess is the idea of flash fiction lol
    It's that good, I would have happily

  2. I do love flash fiction because of the inevitable ambiguity it often brings-so many possible interpretations. I found myself thinking about the possible mistakes it could have been and i love the phrase 'implied her conscience'.

  3. A great post -especially as your first piece of flash fiction, and in 100 words -impressive! #ThePrompt

  4. Ooh thats made me want to read more. Wonder whats happened to her.

  5. Gripping stuff and well done for getting it written in 100 words! Is she giving birth (and presumably her family disapproved of the pregnancy)? #theprompt

  6. Wow Vai intense writing. I could never go through child birth alone, the thought terrifies me more than the pain itself! Great first attempt lovely #ThePrompt

  7. I'm also guessing child birth! Love this, as Iona says, I love the ambiguity that comes with flash fiction, and this is impressively done in 100 words x Thanks so much for linking your first piece of flash fiction up to #The Prompt :)

  8. Well, honestly, i dont know much about flash fiction, but i love reading... and your piece was engaging... Well written :)

  9. Terrifying (in a good way). I sort of want to know what the mistake was but kind of really enjoyed the mystery. Fab.


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