11 Oct 2014

My Morning Win

Here is what it takes to make my mornings perfect. Little things that go a long way to set the tone for a lovely day.

My Morning Win

An undisturbed all-night slumber
A leisurely relaxed awakening 
Not a whinging protest in sight,
Now there's a Morning Win.

No clocks to sound the alarm 
Cuddles in bed and a little lie-in
Smiles and kisses to start the day, 
There's my Morning Win.

Birdsong to break the reverie
Golden sunshine streaming in
Not a rain cloud for miles around, 
Certainly a Morning Win.

All dressed, ready to face the day
No hint of nagging and yelling
Chores done, messes tidied away,
An absolute Morning Win.

Freshly brewed steaming hot coffee 
Soft eggs, buttered toast to dip in
Yogurt with fruit and runny honey,
Another Morning Win.

Crunchy crumbly Belvita biscuits
Flavour and nourishment packed in 
Hazelnut, apricots and choc chips,
Surely a Morning Win.

This post is an entry for #MorningWin Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. 


  1. Ha ha! That sounds like no morning ever in this house! x

  2. I think you've just described my perfect morning! Lazy and lush.

  3. Great poem. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  4. Totally agree about a win with the alarm being switched off

  5. Sounds pretty perfect to me - I can but dream lol, our mornings are rarely that calm and peaceful!!

  6. What a cute poem! Plus, hazelnut belvita?!?! WHAT?! I need to find some, asap!

    Sara | This Girl Loves

  7. I love mornings like this but they are all too rare in our household!

  8. oh i wish! that would be perfect :)

  9. LOve it, sounds like a great morning to me

  10. Sounds like a perfect morning with the perfect breakfast.

  11. I miss mornings like that, not sure they happen, but tis a lovely dream and a fab poem!

  12. The first line did it for me.
    Good luck

  13. What a lovely poem! And I agree, a good morning comes after a good night with a good and full sleep :)

  14. sounds like a great morning love the poem

  15. It sounds like a perfect morning!! Love the sound of hazelnut belvita!

  16. Sounds like a wonderful morning


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