13 Sep 2014

Trunki PaddlePak Review

J started swimming with me when he was less than a year old. We used to go for baby splash sessions at our local swimming baths. J took to it like a duck to water (no puns intended). He was soon confident enough to get into the pool with arm bands or a floatation ring round his tummy.

So when J started structured swimming lessons a few months back, we thought it would be a smooth transition. We were obviously labouring under a false misapprehension. For J loves to swim. The only caveat being at least one of his parents is in the water with him. An impossible task when you have a swimming instructor in charge of a bunch of pre-schoolers.

It has taken much coaxing and cajoling to cart J off to his weekly lessons. There have been a few tantrums and lots of tears. Every week poses a new challenge as the child finds a new excuse not to go. Or insists that a parent accompany him into the water.

We have tried everything. Rewards have provided brief respite. I was on the look-out for a more permanent fix to our dilemma, when I was approached by Trunki to try out one of their trendy PaddlePaks.

As it turns out, it was the perfect answer to our problem. I roped in J to choose his PaddlePak. He picked Sheldon, the bright green turtle. "Turtle is going swimming too!" was enough incentive to stem the flow of tears and put a smile on my son's face.

With its spacious waterproof interior, we were able to pack all of J's swimming things in easily. You can see how we got on in the little video clip below.

Being waterproof meant that we can stuff wet clothes back in at the end of the swim without the need to carry a separate bag. The little dry pouch behind Sheldon's head is perfect to stowaway some money or keys. The adjustable shoulder straps lets the paddlepak sit nicely on J's back. And that's where the PaddlePak sits as we go to and from swimming lessons. J will not have it any other way.

The reflective straps are a nice touch too, especially if we happen to be out and about in the dark. Which we will, given that winter is round the corner. There is even a lovely little Trunki-grip for hanging goggles. Something to look forward to as J progresses through the subsequent stages and masters his swimming strokes.

The best part is that J has been so taken by his PaddlePak, the excuses seem to have dried up. He is now happy to sling Sheldon on his back and head off to his lessons without the slightest hint of a protest. Result!

Trunki PaddlePak
From my perspective, I quite like the that the paddlepak is light-weight yet sturdy, and spacious enough to house all J's things. The material is a lovely quality and the roll-top fastening means there are no zips or dangling strings to worry about.

The Trunki PaddlePak is a perfect accessory when you want to take your child for a swim. We have trialled it around the local baths. Next stop, a sun-kissed ocean abroad. Fingers crossed!

Disclaimer: We were sent a Trunki PaddlePak for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Baya loves her PaddlePak - such great bags!

  2. This is so cute. They are very bright and appealing.

  3. Looks like a fab idea, am planning on starting my littlest on swimming lessons soon so this could be perfect.

  4. Bless him - love that smile! So glad you found a way to encourage him.

  5. Looks great as most kids' backpacks are fun but not at all functional.

  6. I love paddlepaks. We have one too, though we've never had to use it to bribe children with. ;-)

    My only gripe is the shoulder straps fall down easily. I'd like to see a chest strap on there for when the kids are taking it for a longer outing.

  7. Kitty and Ozzy have these and love them to bits! I've even been known to wear one myself when running!

  8. How lovely, such a cheerful little backpack xx

  9. I just love these,so want to give them a go with my kids.

  10. These look really great, s cute too x

  11. What a cute backpack I love the colourings! x

  12. Fab looking bag; no wonder kids love them so much. I want one too :-)

  13. Such a cool bag, I am slightly jealous ive never had one x

  14. All my kids have paddlepaks and we always get lovely comments when out with them - i want an adult size one

  15. We love our Paddlepak - perfect for swimming trips. Great review.


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