24 Sep 2014


My very first haiku. I have only recently discovered this beautiful form of poetry, and for once, am quite enjoying writing to rules.

I would love to know what you make of it. Constructive criticism is welcome. 

A cloak of darkness
Lightning flash, Roar of thunder
Shattering silence

Prose for Thoughtmumturnedmom


  1. Great first attempt! Totally sums it up :-) #prose4t

  2. I love haikus! The challenge is to get all the meaning in to so few syllables I think. This is a great first attempt - I particularly love the first line, it really sets the scene. #prose4t

  3. Great haiku - love the alliteration in the final line.

  4. Sums thunder up perfectly! I must have a go at this #theprompt

  5. Brilliant first attempt :)

    I'm writing one every day this year with a photo challenge and it's much harder than I first thought!

  6. Fabulous! Amazingly evocative of thunder, in so few words :) Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt

  7. Ooh yes, love the similes, lots of description in so few words. I'm not too familiar with haikus but from reading some of the other comments, it sounds like (no pun intended, given my simile comment!) you've cracked it! #ThePrompt

  8. Oh I love haikus and because of their rules you have to really think about every word used, no wastage, and you've done a great job. Really sums it up precisely, concisely and creatively. Love it #theprompt

  9. This is great. I love the last line! #ThePrompt

  10. Haikus are great. An excellent way to out all that creativity in one compact burst, and it's especially prudent here for summing up that clap of thunder. Brilliant x

  11. I have always loved Haikus and this is utterly brilliant - so well written :) Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought :) x


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