3 Aug 2014

A Dream Bedroom for J

If I had all the money and all the space in the world, I would design the perfect dream bedroom for my 3-year old little boy. It would not all be blue, we do not believe in blue is for boys. And it would not have just a single theme running through it. That is just plain boring. It would be a bit of a mish-mash of colours, of themes, of all the things that my boy likes.

But with a common thread running through and binding it all together. A thread of unstructured fun and vivid imagination. Where Thomas the Tank Engine will co-exist with pirates and jungle animals with astronauts. It will be a space to spark the child's imagination, pique his curiosity and open his mind to the wonders of the universe.

And of course, everything would need the nod of approval from little J before I actually go out and buy any of it, let alone install it in his space.

Starting now. All the things I am listing as being part of J's dream bedroom have received a big thumbs-up from my little man himself. Who at this very moment, is sat next to me scrutinising everything that his Mother is dreaming of putting in his bedroom.

1) Children's Davy boat bed with storage and wheel - £499 by Sleeplands Bed - The family bed company (www.sleeplandbeds.co.uk)

2) Kinder memory mattress - medium firm - £239.99 by Dreams (www.dreams.co.uk)

3) Stripe patchwork cotton quilt - £52.50 by Laura Ashley (www.lauraashley.com)

4) All season's duck feather and down duvet - £68 from Bedrooms by Feather and Black (www.featherandblack.com)

5) Glow in the dark Star blackout lined pencil pleat curtains, navy - £80 by little home at John Lewis (www.johnlewis.com) 

6) 1000 glow in the dark stars - £4.99 by the Glow Company (www.glow.co.uk)

7) Thomas the Tank Engine peel and stick wall decals - £18.99 by Garden at Home from Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk)

8) Personalised child's rocking chair - £39.95 by the Original Gift Company (www.theoriginalgift.co.uk)

9)Field Days Farm duvet cover - £35 by Adore Home at Not On The High Street (www.notonthehighstreet.com)

10) Philips myKidsRoom Aeroplane Sky Ceiling Light - £14.78 by Socket Store (socketstore.co.uk)

11) Building Block Bookcase Shelving Unit - £450 by Bedroom Design Inspirations (www.bdichildrensfurniture.co.uk)

12) Floor to ceiling rainbow children's storage - by Barbara Genda bespoke furniture (www.barbara-genda.com)

13) Lasko wardrobe, oak - £500 by John Lewis (www.johnlewis.com)

14) Large Tractor Farm Playmat - £24.95 by Be-Active from Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk)

So these are all the things I would love to get for J's bedroom. And a huge pile of books scattered all over.


  1. What brilliant ideas. I really love the glowstar idea. We had hundreds on our bedroom ceiling at home, and we loved them! :)

  2. Some great ideas! My eldest had those Thomas stickers in his first bedroom - happy memories!

  3. I love the Lego style bookcase, not the price so much, but it is really funky x

  4. My son is three and I'm struggling to come up with a room scheme that will last a few years. You've got some lovely ideas for the bedroom.

  5. I'm with beautyqueenuk - fancied one of those lego shelving units but not at that price.

  6. Good luck with the competition and some great ideas here x

  7. As above re the lego shelf, you could probably buy a few buckets and make your own :o)

  8. Am loving that bed and the floor to ceiling storage!!! would love that in my girls room

  9. Loving that pirate boat bed! Great to put together a wish list like this!

  10. Sounds like it would be amazing! What little boy wouldn't love that bed!

  11. That would be an AMAZING room wouldn't it - I'm loving the bed and the lego storage x

  12. My boys had glow in the dark stars and they loved them, They only cost pennies but have such an impact

  13. I'm loving these ideas...I really want to pull some ideas together for my little boy's bedroom too so this is very inspiring!

  14. Good luck to you in the competition what a cool looking bedroom idea! x

  15. Some brilliant ideas here - I need to get decorating the boys room but haven't the time


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