9 Jul 2014

The Day Football Died

A clash of the titans
Glory beckoning,
The game's greatest theatre
A day of reckoning.

A captain sidelined
One foul too many,
A broken back
A star in agony.

The team, a ghost 
of its former self
Bewildered, lost, 
almost defenceless.

The clinical German
juggernaut advances
Ruthless, precise, 
taking no chances.

The hosts in the shadow 
of their illustrious predecessors
Shambolic, disorganised, 
their dreams in tatters.

A crushing defeat, 
bitter humiliation
Tears, jeers and 
cries of frustration.

Was it the pressure 
of great expectation
That caused the demise 
of this mighty sporting nation?

Brazil crumbled, 
Crushed, fell apart
The weight of history
Perhaps played a part.

The lasting memory
Of a nation denied
7-1 read the score line
The day football died.

This poem was written after witnessing Brazil crumbling against Germany in the semi-finals of the Football World Cup 2014. Brazil lost 1-7.

Prose for Thought


  1. There are a lot of tears over Brazil's defeat - oh dear :(

  2. I have to admit that I have managed to totally avoid the football and have no idea what is happening in it. Your poem is great though and tells me exactly what happened. Sounds like a crushing defeat in more ways than one.

  3. This is a brillaint poem. I think many have been dissapointed by the football. I have tried the most of it which is hard when you have a football mad partner.

  4. Great poem - not remotely interested in Football but loved it - made me smile :)

  5. we sat watching it last night and we were gobsmacked at the results, although my daughter is happy as she has been wanting germany to win for some reaoson, never seen anything like it x

  6. Great poem! Im not really a football fan but hubby is and he was gutted when england went out! xx

  7. Nice poem! I was totally shocked about Brazil. Don't watch it but the chat on Facebook made me turn over to the game haha

  8. I don't think I have watched one full game this year

  9. Not football fans at all but lovely poem.

  10. It was quite a shock! And I would not have thought they would be even able to lose, after all the Cup is held in Brazil. But the problem is really how emotional players they are. And Germany is a machine, no emotion, just rational game.

  11. Great poem - have to confess though the World Cup has completely passed me by but I did hear about this particular match!

  12. Fab poem, Im still enjoying the World Cup x

  13. Great poem! I haven't watched much world cup but there were so many comments on FB during the match that I watched a bit. I did feel for Brazil - it was such a thrashing! #prose4T

  14. Didnt watch the match but felt quite sorry for Brazil when I heard

  15. Great poem! I have to admit, I have really got into this world cup, I normally only watch englan matches, but as we went out so early I have continued to watch them! x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  16. I hadn't watched any matches at all and hadn't even watched that one, but husband got home very late from a late shift and I found a repeat on BBC2 and watched it with him. Was very very sad to see Brazil supporters crying in the audience. Even a little boy. Broke my heart. Thankfully I only have Germans on Facebook (out of the two nations I mean) so I only saw pure joy on there.
    FAB poem xx

  17. An extremely theatrical and poetic ode to what was an abysmal loss for Brazil - couldn't get much worse than 7-0 #seewhatIdidthere (I actually thought it was 7-0 and one doesn't rhyme with Brazil haha!)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  18. I didn't watch any of the World Cup once England were out but couldn't fail to hear about this match! Brilliant poetry :)

  19. it was rather one sided glad I went to bed and missed it ;-)

  20. Lovely way of describing a very shocking result in the football world! xx

  21. It's a shame that Brazil had such a crushing defeat but there defence is no match for a country playing as a team. x

  22. Fab poem. And what sad game, I don't think even the Germans would've wanted to win like that. It didn't make for good viewing.Made me chuckle though lol.

  23. I hate watching football so missed it but heard all the shouting from my boyfriend downstairs! x

  24. Ah I do feel sorry for Brazil but this did make me laugh! x x

  25. What a VERY clever poem, I love it. I think the teams would really enjoy this. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x


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