8 Jul 2014

5 Toddler Activities for a Rainy Day

Bonding With Your Toddler on a Rainy Day

Playing outdoors with your toddler is fabulous fun. But what do you do on a rainy day when you have a highly energetic, inquisitive toddler to contend with? The easiest option might be to wrap up warm, put some wellies on and go jump in puddles. Not every parent wants to do this. Not all the time.

There are times when you prefer to stay indoors, stay warm and cosy inside the comfort of your own home when it is pouring with rain outside. But your little one has other ideas. They cannot see the wisdom of staying indoors, they cannot see the comfort a hot cup of tea can bring. All they want is to expend some energy and have some fun. What then? You need something to keep them happy, entertained, interested and occupied.

Rainy days need not be a complete washout. Here are 5 favourite activities that I love and enjoy doing with my toddler. Easy, fun and great to do together.


Top 5 Toddler Activities for a Rainy Day - Bake

Bake with your little tot. Start by making some banana muffins. They are very easy, lots of fun, and a delicious way to get your child to eat bananas. Ripe bananas are perfect for little hands to mash.

Improvise by adding some dried fruit like raisins and walnuts. Or chocolate chips for the occasional sweet treat. I make mine with a dollop of Nutella.

Read Aloud

Top 5 Toddler Activities for a Rainy Day - Read Aloud
The easiest thing to do when you are stuck for ideas is to read a book together. It does not need any special preparation (so long as you have a couple of favourites lying around). You can enjoy it any time, any day, any place.

The rewards are multi-fold. You are not only helping your tot build their language skills, it is a fabulous way to build some wonderful early memories.

I find it most enriching to read aloud to my son.

Bricks and Jigsaws

                                                        Top 5 Toddler Activities for a Rainy Day - Jigsaws 

Bricks are a fantastic way for little minds to get creative. At 3 years old, we do not follow any instruction sheets; we just build as we please. No two play sessions are ever similar, for there is always a different way to place the bricks. We have spent many an hour building huge towers, only to topple them and start all over again.

I have learnt a lot about lateral thinking from my boy who does not hesitate to mix Duplo and Mega Bloks together to create architectural marvels. And then places half his car collection in the mix!

We also adore doing jigsaw puzzles. The intense focus and effort with which little hands piece them together is fascinating. Again, there is no convention to doing jigsaws when you are 3. Favourite bits get put together first, and the rest is just built around it.

Start with 2-piece puzzles, and then gradually progress to the larger ones. Make sure you pick some with bright colours and favourite characters, as these will help build interest and then sustain it.


Top 5 Toddler Activities for a Rainy Day - Squiggling
My son likes nothing better than to scribble on any scrap of paper he can lay his hands on. It could be with a pen, a pencil, a crayon or anything else that can leave a mark! It is a non-messy alternative to using finger paint, and the results are just as exciting.

Just make sure the crayons or pens you use are washable, for some of them will find their way to the floor and walls when you are not looking.

Rough and Tumble

When it comes to dissipating some toddler energy, there is nothing better than some rough and tumble. It is definitely a better option than having them run around like headless chicken! And therapeutic for you as well. The squeals of laughter and giggles that ensue will have you in a fit of giggles too.

We always have our rough-housing sessions on a thick rug in the middle of the room with all other toys safely out of the way. Just to make sure there are no bumps and scratches to end it all in tears. Even a few minutes of boisterous wrestling are enough to cheer everyone up. And a great alternative when outdoor play is just not possible.

These are a few of our favourite things to do on a rainy day. What is your favourite rainy day activity?


  1. Good solid ideas, let's hope we don't have many rainy days over the summer!

  2. Yes, we are fans of all of these and do most of them daily, rain or shine - my toddler seems to require about 27 activities a day at the moment!!

  3. Great ideas. Lets not wish for rain though. I think that we used to do all of them most days when my boys were smaller

  4. I love that the activities aren't computer based and back to the basics, things we all did as a child... before computers were invented! Great post xx

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  5. Good ideas, we do most of these x

  6. I always let my children have a long bath during the day when it rains, they love water play!

  7. Lovely ideas - but no rainy days please lol

  8. Ooh, that's reminded me that I've promised to do some baking with my son today!! Best check if I've got any flour!! Great ideas :)

  9. nothing better than getting the crafts out of baking int he kitchen x

  10. all great activities for rainy days - even my bigger kids enjoy most of these ;)

  11. Rainy days are so frustrating - especially as my youngest loves to walk so much but I guess our favourite rainy day activity is curling up with a book!

  12. Our favourite rainy day activity is splashing about in muddy puddles!!

  13. reading and jigsaws are great activities for rainy days in our house too! x

  14. Super ideas for a Toddler with lots of energy to burn! We like playing hide and seek!

  15. It's definitely worth having some tricks up you sleeve for a rainy day. Craft always goes down well in our house

  16. There is nothing better than a massive puddle and a pair of wellies when you are small, but like you said, Mama hasn't always got the energy for full on outdoor play. There are some great ideas here for spending a rainy day having fun indoors :-)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  17. We love to do jigsaws and colouring on a rainy day :)


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