26 Jun 2014


My son turned 3 this week. This is an Aai's (Mother's) perspective of that wonderful milestone.


Where has the time gone? 

Feels just a moment ago
That I heard your first cry
Cradled you in my arms
Your soft face against mine.

Look at you now, my darling son
All grown up, a proper little boy
A little person in your own right
Three years gone in the blink of an eye.

Pushing limits, testing boundaries,
Baba's strong-will and gentle heart
An independent streak pushing through
Aai's quirks and quick temper to match.

Incessant pillow-talk 
Anything to stop the sleep
The questions come thick and fast
Needing answers to everything.

Chattering along without a pause
No matter who listens or what
Noticing things, big and small,
All that escapes the adult eye.

Potty-trained through the day
Climb, run, jump and play
Sleeps alone in a big-boy bed
Many adventures along the way.

Imagination running wild
Dinosaurs, spaceships abound
Technology is child's play
Aai struggles, you figure things out.

Full toothed cheeky grin
School about to start
Exploring all the world
Even that beyond Aai's grasp.

Doing your own thing
Growing up, strong and tall
Yet crying out loud, tears streaming
When things go a little wrong.

Spreading your wings, independence
As you find your way in the world
Still needing a kiss and a cuddle
My hand to hold through a sound slumber.

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  1. Lovely poem...loads of best wishes to J, and that happy Aai :)

  2. this is lovely, I can really feel the emotion. I look at my little girl sometimes and wonder where the time has gone.

  3. awww. This is lovely - I can really feel the emotion. My eldest turns seven on saturday so I'm really feeling that 'where has the time gone?' thing! Feels like a blink of an eye since he was born! I love the last line of this in particular - it speaks of the eternal mother/child bond. #prose4t

  4. Beautiful words!!
    Happy Birthday to your son x

  5. A beautiful poem, ahh! My son is all grown up and I was watching baby videos of him this week, time goes fast...

  6. What a lovely poem for your son's birthday. The time seems to race by quicker each year - very scary.

  7. That is a beautiful poem, and sums up that age so perfectly. I hope he had a lovely birthday x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  8. Lovely poem! My boy has just turned 1 and I feel exactly the same, time goes so quick! Best wishes and lots of love xx

  9. That's wonderful - you should hire yourself out for messages inside greetings cards! Mine are ten eleven and twelve now - three feels like a very very long time ago! #WotW
    Take care

  10. Lovely words...where does the time go?

  11. Happy 3rd birthday to your son, there's nothing like a birthday to bring back all those memories of how times have changed.

  12. Lovely post. Kids do grow up so quickly x #wotw

  13. lovely words... they do grow so fast!

  14. Lovely poem, my little boy is 3 in a few weeks time, and I recognise so much of it! My daughter however is 18 just before my boy turns 3, and I have literally no idea how that much time has passed!

  15. Aw this is so lovely! Happy Birthday to him - time really does go much too fast!

  16. Aaaw that's a lovely poem that I'm sure lots of us can relate to x x

  17. While I am reading your poem there's this film that's playing in my head of me and my son. Every scenes are so special and thanks for composing this nice poem =) #wotw

  18. Oh and Happy 3rd birthday to your son too =)

  19. Lovely poem and happy birthday to your little boy x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  20. Beautiful poem, a very happy birthday to your son. Love the last line xx

  21. Happy birthday to your son and such a lovely poem x

  22. What a beautiful poem. Happy birthday x

  23. Lovely poem, hope he had a lovely day x

  24. How beautiful - time passes far too quickly.

  25. Very lovely poem. Happy birthday to your son!

  26. Lots of birthdays this month for all of us - Happy Birthday J xxx


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