30 Jun 2014

Galt Toys Mini Masterpiece Challenge

J and I have a bit of a thing for crayons and squiggling. So when Galt Toys requested us to participate in the Mini Masterpiece challenge, we jumped at the opportunity. The challenge for this task was to recreate 'The Kiss' by master painter Gustav Klimt.

Galt Toys very kindly sent us a set of six finger paints to use in our version of the masterpiece. J is 3 years old and a master at using finger paints. But after checking out the intricate detail in the original artwork, we opted to use something a little more precise. Like crayons.
Colouring with crayons
Once I had printed off a couple of templates, we set about creating our artwork. J began colouring with fervour. Like a true master, he has complete disregard for boundaries and predetermined colours. The sky does not have to be blue, nor the grass green. The world looks so much better in rainbow colours. So that is exactly the treatment 'The Kiss' got given. Here is what we ended up with by the time J had finished with the crayons.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt - in rainbow colours
Gustav Klimt used gold leaf in his original. We decided to use multi-coloured tissue paper instead. So the pink, blue and green got scrunched up into tiny balls while the yellow got torn into small pieces to replicate the gold leaf effect and add some texture to our creation.

J loves glue. And he loves everything shiny. Here was the perfect opportunity to whip out our large bottle of golden glitter glue. The sparkle in my 3 year old's eye at this prospect would have put the glitter to shame.

What followed was J's favourite part. I squirted large blobs of golden glue on his painting. J used his fingers to smudge it all over. 

Smudging glitter glue
Then he grabbed a handful of the tissue paper bits and thumped them onto the glue. The process was repeated till we had 'The Kiss' smothered in glitter and tissue paper. 

Adding the gold leaf 
Thumping it in place
This is what we ended up with. One very colourful painting and one little boy with very shiny, sticky fingers.
J's version of 'The Kiss' by Gustav Klimt

Disclaimer: We were sent a set of 6 finger paints by Galt to participate in the Mini Masterpiece challenge. All opinions expressed in this blogpost are my own.


  1. wow weldone , that most certainly is a masterpiece x

  2. What a great challenge and super picture. Well done J x

  3. That is ace, I love doing stuff like this with the boys.

  4. A mini masterpiece! It looks like great fun.

  5. Awwww amazing artwork!!! Very well done indeed!!

  6. That looks like a fun crafting session!

  7. Oh bless! J done a wonderful job and looks like he had a lot of fun too! x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  8. love it!! crafting with littlies is so much fun

  9. Brilliant, I love the picture and it looks like it was fun creating it.

  10. Very very talented. We don't do any craft in this house and we really ought to xxx

  11. Great challenge. And J's so right that the world would look better in rainbow colors.

  12. I love it! What a fab job J has done x

  13. That's brilliant, I love it. Great idea to take a masterpiece and turn it over to the children.

  14. A wonderful masterpiece, well done J :)

  15. Very creative. Wish Harvey would stop dipping his paint brush into all the paint pots so it all becomes 1 colour :( BROWN haha

  16. I love that - my two used to be happy to paint for hours when they were a bit younger x

  17. What a great job I love all the colour and the fact it is Gustav klimt! x

  18. I've seen this competition.
    You guys created a lovely masterpiece!


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