14 May 2014

WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus Review

My little boy is a huge fan of buses. And he loves bouncing on a trampoline. So when I was offered the opportunity to review a WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme, I was immediately interested.

We have put the WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus through its paces over the last couple of weeks, and are pleased to report that it handles very well. 

The first thing J noticed when he saw the box was that it was a big bus. Just that would have kept him happy for a very long time. 

Once we had pulled it out of the packaging (which, by the way, is sturdy without being overpowering; it keeps everything in place but comes away easily enough without the need for even a pair of scissors), he started noticing all the other pieces. The Rock figurine got all the attention it deserves.

WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus
The accessories were easy enough to set up. Even for someone like me, who is a little bit technologically challenged and finds it difficult to unscrew a jam jar at the best of times. 

J was fascinated with all the folding parts and kept asking what everything was. He is into ladders at the moment, and this set has three of them. 

The star of the show was the trampoline. I opened the bus and it popped straight out. I did not get half a chance to set everything up before J was bouncing The Rock on the trampoline. Quite similar to how he bounces up and down on his trampoline in the garden. Or in a bouncy castle. 

Between The Rock bouncing on the trampoline and a barrage of questions, I got the rink all set up. The instructions that come in the box are quite straightforward, all you do is look at the diagrams, keep your orientation, and everything snaps into place.

WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus - unpacked
J had lots of fun getting The Rock to climb up the ladders and then dive down on to the trampoline below only to have him bounce right back up. He thought it was like diving into a swimming pool!

WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus - ready for action

Bouncing off the Trampoline
After a good session of climbing, diving and bouncing, it was time to get our bus back. I was able to store everything inside the bus and fold it back into place in no time at all. It is nice to know that everything we need is all in there, and I will not be looking under the sofa, searching for a missing ladder or a cone.

J loves his buses. This one was no exception. He pushed it and pulled it and drove it all around the house. With everything still held in place inside. Result!

WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus - packed and ready to go
We have enjoyed playing with the WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus. J has been completely taken by the concept of a transforming bus and finds it enormous fun to open up the bus, set everything up and then stow it all in to get his bus back.

I must admit that along with J, I too am enjoying playing with it. There is something quite therapeutic about trampolines and bouncing even if you are not doing it yourself.

Here is a toy for children and adults to play with and enjoy together, whether you are fans of WWE or not.

Disclaimer : We were sent a WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Looks like a cool bus! Always please to hear about sensible packaging too, nothing infuriates me more than needing a screwdriver or a hacksaw to get a toy out of its box!

  2. Looks like a great toy with lots of play components.

  3. That looks brilliant! Definitely something my son would love!

  4. That looks like something my son would love too :D

  5. We have this and my 9 year old loves it - he could play for hours with it bless him x x

  6. I am sure that my little man's daddy would get just as much enjoyment out of something like this as my toddler himself ;) it sounds great if everything packs away so neatly!!

  7. sounds perfect for your little boy!!! Not sure my girls would be so keen ;)

  8. Ah he looks like he is having so much fun with it x

  9. Looks brilliant. My son would love this. I think I would enjoy playing with the trampoline too!

  10. What a lucky boy, he looks so happy playing with this toy x

  11. Kids love anything that you can put things in and out of, don't they? This bus looks fab!

  12. I remember I was obsessed with WWE when I was younger. This looks like a great toy.

  13. I like the look of this toy. I bet it is every boy dream.

  14. What a great toy, always a bonus when everything can be stored inside!

  15. Looks great and I like that you didn't need scissors to open it...that really bugs me when you need scissors because we can never find them when we want them in this house!

  16. That looks brilliant. Thankfully mine haven't discovered WWE yet, although I am sure they will soon

  17. My friend's little boy has something similar, and even 6yo enjoys playing with it when she visits him

  18. My son would love this! It looks like there are loads of cool things on it. And easy to follow instructions would be great for me!


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