22 May 2014

Some Bloggers Have All The Luck

My first ever attempt at parody. I am writing this in response to #ThePrompt:

by Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes
And it does not help that I am having one of those days when Luck seems rather more fickle than usual.

Sing to the tune of 'Some Guys Have All The Luck' by Rod Stewart if you really must. 

And take it all with a pinch of salt. 
Some bloggers have all the luck
Some bloggers have all the gain
Some bloggers get all the breaks
Some bloggers do nothing but complain

Sat at home in front of a computer screen
and I'm screaming
That other blogger has 5000 followers
I'm sadly lagging
How does it feel when they win giveaways
and rank higher
It seems so unfair when there's luck everywhere
but there's none for me


Competitions to run on the blog
I hope it is me
Trying all I can
Trying really hard at everything
Other bloggers get sponsored posts
My bank is empty
A blogging career seems a distant dream
I ain't that lucky


Fellow bloggers have luck and success
They always win
PR contacts and product launches
I have nothing
Days out, events, vouchers and games
I'll take anything
I blog everyday, hope it will pay
Luck's sadly lacking

But if my rank was higher
I'd feel so lucky I could cry
My blog is too dear to me
I can't let it go or say goodbye



  1. Great post, really made me smile. Hope you get some luck soon zx

    1. Thanks Zena. If it made you smile, that's made my day x

  2. Keep writing and blogging - if it's your passion, the opportunities will come along x

    1. Oh Michelle, it really is not that bad :-) Just a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour, that's all x

  3. The opportunities will come your way soon!

  4. Aww I am sorry to read this - looks sideways at your Toys R Us Toyologist badge in your side bar.

    1. Uh oh! So you spotted that :-) I was sort of hoping you wouldn't!

  5. Very good use of prose. I understand your self doubt - I think we all get it (I know I do). I always say, even to myself, that comparison is the thief of joy. Very good song though, it did make me smile :-)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  6. Made me smile. Just keep doing it for the love of blogging :-)

  7. Fantastic post - it had me chuckling away I know many of those feelings :) xx

  8. Love this! You know what you need to do? Just keep writing and forget the numbers. Good luck!

  9. But you are a re PR friendly blog.
    Chin up we all go through self doubt
    Good times
    it will come x

  10. And you are 218 in Foodies I am 1000 and something so it is all ting and yang
    Belief ein yourself

  11. Fab post lovely, i'm sure your time will come #ThePrompt

  12. This did make me laugh - very good. I'm sure we have all had some of those thoughts at some point in our blogging life's! #ThePrompt

  13. Love this! I know it's tongue in cheek, but also very clever because I suspect we all feel a little like this at times ;) Thanks for linking to #ThePrompt x

  14. Great post, I hope you get lots of luck soon xx

  15. haha! Well done! I think it's easy to just notice when people have success and not the times when hours spent on a post have a handful of views! (or maybe that's just me!)

  16. Great lyrics. Fingers crossed for some luck for you soon

  17. I think this must be so true for anyone trying to make money or some sort of business from their blog - I get downhearted at times but at least I'm not relying on this for an income! Great poem. X #theprompt

  18. I could have written this! Well not literally because I am not that poetic but you get what I mean. I hope we both get a bit luckier soon :-D

  19. This is so funny!! Really made me smile....(and love the comment about your toys r us badge!!)

  20. Haha. This is great. Having blogged on and off for three years with no "luck" I know how you feel.x

  21. Mmmm I know how you feel sometimes! A great parody x

  22. aww your blog is great and it certainly isn't all about ranks :) keep doing what you do x

  23. 216 in Foodies100 this is a great rank!
    Well done!
    and your post made me smile ;-)

  24. Great parody, and I now have Rod Stewart humming around in my rather addled brain! I'm sure you'll soon get Lucky, Lucky, Lucky (I think there's a song in there somewhere!)

  25. Okay so now this song wont stop playing in my head. That is good in a way cuz you then have this impact on your readers =)

    I am saying those words a lot of time. You want to give up sometimes but my blog too is precious to me in away that I have that even before I met my husband & I became a mom.

    Nothing i can do even i wear my magical lucky underwear =(


  26. Haha! This is so funny! I am not very lucky either so you definitely have company!

  27. I have been feeling like this A LOT lately. I feel like Cinderella and ALL of the other bloggers are my ugly sisters. Except there's never a fairy Godmother to take me to the ball. If you find her, tell her to pull her socks up xxx


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