7 May 2014

Changing India

All About The Garnish:

On my recent visit to India, I was unfortunate enough to watch a couple of cookery shows on a 24-hour television food channel where the presenters spent more than half their time and all their effort garnishing their dishes rather than focusing on how to cook them. That was the last straw. Rather, that was the proverbial kick up my backside I needed to pen down what I have been noticing, feeling and occasionally vocalising about the changing India. 

Change is inevitable. Change is my word of the week. I am all for change as long as it is positive. But it hurts when change does not percolate through to all strata of society, when it fails to pervade all aspects of living. What I write is perhaps true of most nations. Or perhaps not.

This is what I feel, these are my thoughts. Nobody else is responsible or liable for anything I write. You can agree or disagree with any or all of it, that is your prerogative. My freedom of expression is mine. 

When Aai becomes Mommy
And Baba is a Pappa
Wanna, gonna, cells and malls
Have replaced the corner katta.

When taste matters not a bit
All the stress is on the garnish
Presentation means the world
The focus is on the polish.

When tower blocks replace homes
Luxury ousts basic needs
The roads dusty and narrow
But the cars are very big.

When money dictates lives
Desire rules with an iron fist
Everyone turning a blind eye
To problems, shrouded in a mist.

When a few have loads
Everyone wants more
Consumerism is rampant
Rapacious greed for gold.

Big brands, bigger names
Vying for your attention
No sign yet of liberated
Thought, speech or action.

Division rules supreme
Caste, sex, language, religion
Only talk of empowerment 
Hypocrisy, all style no substance.

(katta - local hang-outs)

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  1. That is greatly said here. I love this. You really did put it all in perspective. #prose4t

  2. How well you've described your changing world, consumerism is spreading.

  3. Really interesting topic and I love that first stanza especially, so powerful.

  4. This is really great. Interesting topic that is sure to get people talking and you've managed to sum up consumerism so well. Great poem. #Prose4T

  5. You've said it so well. How sad it is for a culture rich in traditions to be losing it to consumerism that seems to spread all over the planet. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  6. So much attention on beauty this days and not substance. #wotw

  7. This is really, really good. I love the first verse in particular. What an effective commentary on change, commercialism and big business influence. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  8. Materialism and consumerism are revolting things, it's such a shame how rampant they've become around the world x

  9. A really interesting way of viewing this. It's amazing how one simple thing grows and becomes a whole different train of thought. Really enjoyed reading this. #prose4t

  10. Great poem - really highlights the woes of the world that we now live in. #ThePrompt

  11. You've really hit the nail on the head here. I noticed a huge change in Thailand from when I first visited in 2002 to four years later when I left Asia - and not for the good either. Greed everywhere, constantly aspiring for things to look pretty. All style and no substance. Money money money.

    I've only been to India once, and for a short trip so can't really comment, but can imagine it's even more rife over there. Globalisation is a wonderful thing, if everyone gets a piece of the pie. Which lets face it, never happens.

    Great post! #ThePrompt #WotW

  12. I can imagine that India is one of those places where there is a huge gulf between rich and poor and, as a developing nation, those living in poverty, or living the traditional way are getting left in the dust which is not right. #ThePrompt

  13. This is a sad issue, beautifully put. A great poem that really made me think. #proseforthought

  14. mos t apt description of our present times. do not know where this is going to lead us as a country?

  15. Very well said lovely lady. It is such a sad state of affairs in how the world is going. They need to stop once in a while and take stock. A great poem. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought :) x


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