27 May 2014

Nutella Coated Strawberries

What can be better than eating strawberries? Eating chocolate covered strawberries, of course. Better still, eating strawberries coated in Nutella. For the sweetness of the strawberries, the nuttiness of the hazelnuts and the hint of bitterness from the cocoa are a delectable trio for discerning tastebuds.
Nutella coated strawberries

25 May 2014

Sunday 25 May 2014


23 May 2014

Interactive Story Books by Hallmark UK - Review and Giveaway

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will be well aware of J's fondness of books. The child loves to read. Well, not so much read as look at the pages and jabber away endlessly. He does love a good story though, and sits uncharacteristically still when he is being read to.

                                                          Interactive Storybooks 
by Hallmark UK
Now there are your standard, run-of-the-mill printed books. And then you have your textured books, pop-up books and e-books. But how about a book that actually interacts with you as you read it? Fascinating, was the first thought that popped into my head when Hallmark UK approached me about reviewing a couple of their interactive story books.

22 May 2014

Some Bloggers Have All The Luck

My first ever attempt at parody. I am writing this in response to #ThePrompt:

by Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes
And it does not help that I am having one of those days when Luck seems rather more fickle than usual.

Sing to the tune of 'Some Guys Have All The Luck' by Rod Stewart if you really must. 

And take it all with a pinch of salt. 

21 May 2014

GUMI Pottery Party at the Minikin Emporium

I have been a GUMI (Growingupmilkinfo.com) Mum for a while now and was absolutely delighted that their next event was to be up here in the north west. It meant I could attend with J without having to worry about getting to London or sorting out childcare. Hurray!

It was the sunniest of days as J and I headed off to the Minikin Emporium for the GUMI Pottery Party. How apt, given that GUMI is an information resource about toddler health and nutrition with a specific focus on the importance of vitamin D. And what better way to build on your body's vitamin D stores than bask in some glorious summer sunshine! With factor 50 lathered all over, of course.

15 May 2014


Sometimes it just helps to break away from the routine, even if for a little bit. It just gives you a fresh perspective on things. I spent the last few weeks visiting family in India. I came back with an entirely new outlook on most things. But it was all a bit of a haze, I could not put my finger on what was different. Till one day this week when I was out in our garden with M and J, trying to mow our lawn. That is another very interesting story, but like I said, it was at that moment that I had an epiphany. And it all became crystal clear.

14 May 2014

WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus Review

My little boy is a huge fan of buses. And he loves bouncing on a trampoline. So when I was offered the opportunity to review a WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme, I was immediately interested.

We have put the WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus through its paces over the last couple of weeks, and are pleased to report that it handles very well. 

The first thing J noticed when he saw the box was that it was a big bus. Just that would have kept him happy for a very long time. 

Once we had pulled it out of the packaging (which, by the way, is sturdy without being overpowering; it keeps everything in place but comes away easily enough without the need for even a pair of scissors), he started noticing all the other pieces. The Rock figurine got all the attention it deserves.

12 May 2014

How To Use a Lawnmower

The C-household has never owned a lawnmower. Up until now. After renting flats and lawnmower -equipped homes over the years, after two very disappointing, very unsettling and hugely unsuccessful attempts at trying to hire a gardener to do it for us, M and I have decided to embark upon the exciting prospect of looking after our own garden. All by our own selves.

The first thing to do to this end was shell out money and buy some garden equipment. Not the mechanical shears and trowels, we already have those. We are talking big guns here. Proper power tools. We are talking petrol-fuelled self-propelling lawnmowers, battery-powered trimmers and electric hedge trimmers.

After a lot of research on the internet, M settled on a particular brand of lawnmower. He wanted something gargantuan. I argued and squabbled and insisted that we could easily do with something smaller as our garden was not 'the size of a tennis court'. To prove my point, we stepped out with a measuring tape and voila! I was right. 1-0, the wife.

7 May 2014

Changing India

All About The Garnish:

On my recent visit to India, I was unfortunate enough to watch a couple of cookery shows on a 24-hour television food channel where the presenters spent more than half their time and all their effort garnishing their dishes rather than focusing on how to cook them. That was the last straw. Rather, that was the proverbial kick up my backside I needed to pen down what I have been noticing, feeling and occasionally vocalising about the changing India. 

Spicy Lamb Burgers with Coriander

It has been a while since I shopped at Morrisons. For no particular reason other than proximity, or a lack thereof. So when BritMums and Morrisons offered me the opportunity, I was rather excited and looking forward to visiting what used to be my regular supermarket a while ago.

Being predominantly vegetarian (we don't eat meat every day, only when we feel like it), the bulk of my weekly shopping is made up of fresh fruit and vegetables. So that's where I headed to first. I was immediately struck by how fresh all the produce looked. The vibrant colours were quite appetising too. An obvious bonus given that M and I are trying to eat more home-cooked, healthier meals.

6 May 2014

J Speaks Cheekily Enough!

My son is now nearly 3 and his language skills are coming along by leaps and bounds. His conversations are an endless source of amusement, happiness, pride and embarrassment and not necessarily in that order.

Here are a few snippets of exchanges between J and his parents.

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