3 Apr 2014


32 permanent teeth of mine
Chew, bite, eat and dine
Been around a good few years
Abused by sugar, tea and beers
My full set of two and thirty
All caried and decayed, rotten and dirty
Niggling pains, nagging aches
Malaligned and a few breaks.

Off to see the dentist's chair
All my teeth in need of repair
X-rays, poking, prodding, drilling
Some more fillings and root-canaling
Amalgam, ceramic, porcelain, the lot
Not a tooth remains without a blot
Each visit brings more heart-break
One more tooth replaced by a fake.

All I want is some more time
To cherish these 32 teeth of mine
Too early for a set of dentures
Implants cost so much, I dare not venture
All my teeth in need of love and care
A magical cure for a case so rare
Wish I had a third set erupting soon
Brilliant pearly whites would be a boon.

The Reading Residence
Prose for Thought


  1. Great poem here. I have never been a fan of the dentist. I wish it was far easier and less time consuming to take care of our teeth. They are so important yet we don't treat them like such. I wish our dentists appts could be farther and few between but a pearly smile is always wanted therefore it is a must. #prose4t

  2. Brilliant!! This is SO good!! I can empathise with these feelings exactly. I recently went to the dentist and feel it is a neverending situation these days! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx

  3. Oh no, this doesn't sound good... Great poem though! #Prose4T

  4. I so love dentist. i am actually wearing my retainers right about now. am i weird =P I just like how the problems can be corrected. One of the thing that I miss from home is that my dentist is my friend as well. So shes really really nice and she gives me discount. I cant find someone like that here, yet. Nice poem as always. oh and no matter how much I love dentist I oh so hate root canal =P

  5. Great poem although I am not too bothered by the dentist myself, weird I know #WotW

  6. Oh no! I really do not like the dentists, so you have my fullest sympathies. Great poem, though! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. I hope you can get it all sorted out. It is difficult as all the options are so expensive. Great poem x

  8. Very impressed with your poem - I can never write poems. Hope the dental problems aren't too serious. I'm not too worried by dentists myself - I'm not saying it's my favourite place but I don't dread it.

  9. The only time I didn't like my dentist was when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. Nice poem form!

  10. I HATE the dentist - it really gives me the heebie jeebies so I thought this was awesome. I'm trying not to let my fear rub off on Lucas and luckily, provided he gets a ride in the moving chair, he's OK. Great poem #prose4t

  11. Dental work is so unpleasant isn't it.. and horribly expensive :-( Great poem though xx

  12. Awesome poem! Reminds me of the poem by Pam Ayers - "Oh I Wish I'd Looked After My Teeth"

    Reminds me too that I need to go to the dentist soon...eep!

  13. I entirely empathise with this - odd aches and pains that I'm sure will lead to something that I don't want - I also favour one side rather than the other when I eat. :(

  14. I truly detest the dentist but I do love your poem, it's fab!

  15. A very unny poem - I'm sure that lots of people owuld love a third set later on!

  16. Ouch! Pricey situation. Hope this is not based on your own experience! #Prose4T


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