25 Apr 2014

Holidays Heal

In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius!
- Mehmet Murat Ildan

This quote is the prompt I am writing to this week. But it doesn't end there. For then he goes on to say, "There is no vacation for a writer! Every moment of his life is work!"

This could not be more true. As I am finding out, much to my consternation. I may not be an established writer. Perhaps I could have a proper vacation if I was one. But I am just a fledgling blogger, still trying to find my niche, still trying to build my little blogging empire. 

So even when on holiday, when I should be relaxing and rejuvenating, I find myself blogging. Or tracking social media accounts in the hope of grabbing that next big thing. Of making my name in the blogosphere.

As I write this, I am coming to the realisation that the time has come to let go. Just a little bit. For if I don't have time with my family, I will not have anything to blog about. If I am not of sound mind and body, I will not have the impetus, the imagination to create ideas or to pen down my thoughts.

Life is short and time is fleeting. A moment spent staring at a screen is a moment spent away from my little boy. Maybe the time has come to remove my blogger/writer hat. At least when I am on holiday. And make the most of what a holiday truly has to offer.

A calm, soothing and a very relaxing environment, the perfect setting to let go of stresses, to let go of all the tensions that everyday life brings. To heal in mind and in body. So that I can face the literary world with a newfound sense of self.



  1. I was nodding as I read your post. Despite the temptations as bloggers we do need to sometimes just close our laptops, turn off the phones, and experience our time off without worrying about it 'all'

  2. Great post! Personally I'm not a fan of being constantly 'plugged in' to social media, it's too distracting to family life. My girls get really grumpy if they get ignored while I'm on my phone. If you are meant to be part of the next big thing, have faith that it will happen! #ThePrompt

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Its difficult to turn off your blogging because it feels like 'losing momentum' and you worry that the audience you do have will forget about you (which is silly really as I still read all the posts of those I follow even if they are a bit more few and far between for any reason). I think the key to switching off when you're away on holiday may be to write some stuff in advance and schedule it to go up automatically and maybe even to get a guest post or two lined up. I haven't tried this myself yet but this definitely seems like a good compromise... (There is the worry of not getting things properly publicised because of not being able to join in the linkies too but I guess if they're good enough posts you can link them to the following week's linkies) #theprompt

  4. I couldn't agree more, I am struggling to find the balance at the moment. And, as you say if you spend all your time in front of a screen, what will you have to write about? I have taken a bit of a step back, and cut down on linkys and number of posts, I just couldn't keep up with it all! As MummyTries rightly says, what's meant to be will be x Thank you for linking such a thoughtful post to #ThePrompt x

  5. Ahhh yes the dilemma that we all face, I prefer to take lots of photos and mentally make a note of things to write about but do it later when I'm home but it's hard not to look at every great moment on holiday and get distracted by what a great post it will make! I'm opting for quality rather than quantity right now but we'll see how well that turns out! :-)

  6. Like everyone about, I was nodding furiously when I was reading your post especially as a new blogger I find there is always something I've missed out on/need to read/should've commented on/learn more about...need I go on. But the fact that you've recognised you need to get your blogger/life balance back is the first step to doing it. Enjoy your little boy and have fun on holiday x

  7. What a great post, I think we all do need to clear our head of everything online . You will find your niche in the blogging world . Have fun on holiday x

  8. I really, really agree with you. You do need the time off from social media, the blog, everything from time to time. It is getting so much more difficult these days with everything being so portable. Mel #ThePrompt


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