6 Mar 2014

The Mum Tag

There was this really interesting meme doing the rounds of the parent blogging world. It looked fun and made for compelling reading as it offered a sneak peek into what fellow bloggers made of being Mum. So when the lovely Angela over on There And Back Again...A Mother's Tale offered to tag me on The Mum Tag, I jumped at the opportunity.

Here are the 20 questions and my 20 answers. Happy reading.

1. Are you a stay at home mum, or a working mum?
I stay at home and work at being a tolerably good mum.

2. Would you have it any other way?
The simple and honest answer is, no. I would not have anyone else look after my child. I would never want somebody informing me that he had taken his first step, said his first word, eaten too many chips or been cranky all day. I would rather find out all those things and more, first-hand.

3. Do you co-sleep?
Not that we make a conscious effort to co-sleep, but J has a habit of finding his way into our bed in the early hours of the morning. No idea how he gets there, but he does. So yes, we do co-sleep in a manner of speaking.

4. What is your one must-have item for your baby?
Wet wipes. We would be lost without them. Not least because both J and I are extremely fussy about how clean our hands have to be. Even in between shovelling spoonfuls in our mouths.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?
Things did not quite go to plan when we had J. So I am not making any more plans. We will just go with the flow of things.

6. Date night? How many per month?
Err, what's that now? There have been no date nights since having J. All our dates are now at home, with an undisturbed couple of hours after bedtime if we are lucky. We have had the odd date morning, with a quick cup of coffee in the local cafe when the child is at school.

7. Your child’s favourite show?
I hate to say this, for I seriously wish it was something else. But it isn't. It is every parent's nightmare, In The Night Garden over on CBeebies.

8. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and never ended up using?
It was a starter set of feeding bottles, just in case the breastfeeding didn't quite go to plan. Thankfully, it did. And though we tried giving him the occasional bottle of expressed milk, J was having none of it. 

9. Your child’s favourite food?
Cucumbers. He would eat them all day long if I let him.

10. How many cars does your family have?
Including all of J's collection of automobiles, I would say about a zillion!

11. Weight before, during and after pregnancy and now?
I had lost quite a lot of weight before I got pregnant with J. I continued losing it right up to 22 weeks into the pregnancy, thanks to severe morning sickness. And then it all came back with a vengeance and I am still struggling to get it off. 

12. Dream holiday with your kids?
Quite predictably, I am going to say Florida. Disney Land has to be every little child's idea of a perfect holiday.

13. Dream holiday without your kids?
I don't think I would really enjoy any holiday without J. I would just spend all my time moping around and missing him terribly. But I would like to think once he is all grown up, M and I can treat ourselves to a cruise down the Danube.

14. How has your life changed since having babies?
It has turned upside down on its head. I cannot remember the last time I slept through the night or put my feet up with a book and a cup of tea, not thinking that the school run is in another twenty minutes.

15. Finish the sentence: ‘It makes my heart melt to see……?’
The love in my little boy's eyes, the smile on his face, his arms reaching out to hug me.

16. Where do you shop for your kids?
Anywhere I can get hold of a good bargain. I am not a believer in extravagance, not for me and not for my child. 

17. Favourite make up and skin care products?
I have decided not to yield to the pressures posed by the multi-million dollar making cosmetics industry. So I use very minimum make-up, have no specific beauty regime, and am proud of all the lines and wrinkles, spots and blemishes on my face. And most of the hair too. A quick scrub, any old moisturiser, some foundation and a touch of lip gloss and I am done!

18. Huggies or Pampers?
Pampers all the way. This is one area where there is no compromise. 

19. Have you always wanted kids?
I have always wanted kids for as long as I can remember. Though there was a point in time when I was so petrified of the whole process of child-birth, that I would have happily taken in somebody else's child. Then I braved up, and wanted my own. Thank goodness for J!

20. Best part about being a mum?
I get the biggest, cuddliest, warmest hugs in the whole wide world. And slobbery kisses too.

I am tagging
1. Charlotte from Charlotte's Kitchen

2. Oana from Mama's Haven 

3. Charlotte from Winegums and Watermelons

Have fun answering your 20 questions, ladies x


  1. Thanks for the tag, loved your answers especially the bit about "working to be a tolerably good mum" - made me smile :-)

    1. You are very welcome, Charlotte. And I am glad reading these made you smile. Have fun writing your 20 answers xx

  2. Thanks for the tag lovely. Really interesting answers, and completely different to what mine will be! Which I guess makes it even more interesting to read what others have written! x

    1. You are very welcome, Charlotte. That is the whole point of these answers I think. Although we are all mums, each one of us has a different perspective on things.

  3. Love your honestly about your fave kids show!! HAHA! :) Nice to read more about you x

    1. I had to be honest! He loves that blasted show, bless him! I am so waiting for him to outgrow it. Tbh, once he has, I will probably miss it more than he will :-)


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