10 Mar 2014

J Speaks Some More

We have had the first of what I can safely assume are going to be many, "What's that, Aai?" while pointing to a picture of Q for Queen in his letter book.

"It's my!" is now a regular utterance through most waking hours. Laying a very firm and determined claim to property and territorial rights. Just in case there were any doubts as regards ownership.

"No looking, Aai!" is J's way of telling me to stop glaring at him sternly after he has been particularly naughty. Works every time, as I end up in a fit of giggles.

"No calling J!" is J's way of reminding me that I have raised my voice, which I really shouldn't. So this is quite an effective way of keeping The Parents in check.

J Speaks

Why Toddler Speak Should Be a Separate Language:

1) No-one but toddlers can speak it.
2) No-one but toddlers can understand it.
3) The Parents try to learn it as they go along, and manage only partial mastery after much trial and error. All the rest is pure guess work.

What J Speaks and What He Really Means:

Fok = Fox (no, nothing rude as yet)
Likkle = Little
Leeve = Sleeve
Peacop = Peacock (he saw one this Sunday for the very first time. "I don't like it!" was the first response)

Wish, wish, wish = swish, swish, swish (wipers on the bus go swish, etc.)
Riggle, riggle, riggle = wriggle, wriggle, wriggle (It's that darned bus again!)

Bugly Bus = Bulgy Bus
Enimly = Emily          
Skarwee = Skarloey
Pencil = Spencer
(all from Thomas the Tank Engine)

Rockit = Rocket
To finity and beyon! = To infinity, and beyond (courtesy Buzz Lightyear)
Oody = Woody (Toy Story, again)

Opposites have taken on a whole different identity in Jspeak. Left could mean right, front could mean back, big may actually be small, hot is more often than not cold. It takes a genius (read Parent) to wade through this mass of incongruous antonyms and extract the true essence of what is being conveyed. The Parent really has no choice in the matter. Failure to comprehend leads to an inevitable meltdown.

So we live and learn and quickly too.

Wot So Funee?


  1. Hehe that's so cuteZ I love how he keeps you in check too ;) Toddler speak is fanastic. I think I'll be slightly sad when our little ones start speaking properly.

    1. I know what you mean! Will miss all the random jibber-jabber, though at the moment it does drive me potty at times.

  2. There's a reason why likkle and ikkle have become staple words in the English language - they're just too cute to give up! Thanks for joining in xx

    1. It sounds cuter coming from a toddler. Wish more toddlerisms got incorporated into mainstream languages.

  3. These are very cute and I love 'finity and beyond!' Very sweet #funee

    1. He is a Pace Ranger in a Rockitt, after all :-D Wish I could just record all that he says.

  4. He sounds like a very sensible young man who has everything and everyone under control!

  5. OMG he is beyond cute. I still don't correct my little girl who is six on some words. She'll kill me when she is 16 ha xx Gorgeous post x

  6. Oh bless! My middle boy had his own special names for Thomas trains when he was 2 - 'eee' for Percy, and 'Ayas' for a Thomas! Toddler speak is so cute, my two year old make me smile so many times a day with his funny utterances!

  7. What a lovely post - this will be so lovely to look back on as he gets older! I love toddler speak and am really enjoying my daughter learning new words at the moment.

  8. Sounds like he's got this speech business well sorted already - love that there's a translation for my name ;) xx

  9. Aww, how lovely! Hearing them learn new words is just wonderfully amazing! xx

  10. Toddler speak is so cute! They have little nicknames for words lol. My son used to love Thomas The Tank Engine too. There aren't that many books and children's programmes for little boys as there are for girls, I think it has an enduring appeal :)

  11. I love hoe toddlers talk and put things in perspective - great little post :)

    Laura x

  12. I love toddlerisms, my son is nearly four so he's leaving them behind now but my little girl is just starting to chatter so I'm sure we will have a whole new list from her. I love videoing my children talking so I always have a reminder of their toddler talk.


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