30 Mar 2014

Assistance Dogs Transform Lives

A dog is always considered to be man's best friend. There are times when a dog can be more than a friend. Certainly a lot more than just a pet.

It can be a companion when you are feeling down and out. It can be your eyes and your ears and look after you when you are not feeling well. It can fetch more than just your slippers; it can fetch you your life-saving meds. 

Not just Man's Best Friend
Most of us have seen guide dogs in action. But not a lot of us know of the other types of assistance dogs that can offer help and support to people in need.  I certainly was unaware of the wide range of tasks these marvellous creatures are capable of.

Assistance dogs are specially trained to assist people who, for either physical or emotional reasons, cannot lead truly independent lives. They can be attentive and life-changing companions to young people as well as adults. 

These canny canines are capable of performing a variety of specialised roles. They can detect low blood sugar levels in diabetics or alert their owners of an impending seizure. Some can provide comfort to veteran's suffering from post-traumatic stress. 

Whatever their role, assistance dogs can dramatically improve the quality of life of their owners. 

It was quite a revelation for me to learn about assistance dogs and the brilliant levels of support they offer. You can see a lovely poster about the different types of assistance dogs and how they help enrich the lives of their owners on the Bolt Burdon Kemp website.

Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with Bolt Burdon Kemp solicitors. I retain editorial rights for all the content in this post.


  1. I think Assistance dogs are amazingly clever. The things that they do are lifechanging to the owner. They really can mean life or death in some situations! Such amazing dogs and companions x #blogclub

  2. Assistance dogs are amazing. I know someone whose disabled little boy made enormous progress with his specially trained dog.

  3. My mum's friend has an assistance dog and they are truly amazing x

  4. Dogs are so intelligent. They have a sixth sense I'm sure. I watched Marley and me yesterday and that had me in tears! What a difference these dogs make to people's lives.

  5. I love the fact that they have discovered that dogs can help us humans in all sorts of ways and what better to have as a companion as well. #blogclub

  6. Assistance dogs are incredible. My other half went to a display put on by Hearing Dogs for the Deaf - he said it was one of the most inspiring things he's seen.

  7. These dogs do a very fine job and I am a sucker for a Labrador! Mich x #blogclub

  8. A good friend of mine's guide dog just had a big op and he was so sad he couldn't have his free time. He's much better now though. Guide dogs really are a blessing for those who need them :-)

  9. Assistance dogs are incredible! I knew some of the things they could do but not all.. amazing!


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