21 Mar 2014

3 Things to Wish For

If I had but three wishes
What would I wish for
Not all the riches in the world
Or a basket full of stars.

I would ask not for gold
Not a million pounds in the bank
I would wish not for diamonds
Not fame, fortune nor rank.

My first wish would bring
Peace, love and joy
To me and all around
No hunger, pain nor cry.

My next wish would see
My boy in good health and cheer
A long, wise and loved life
Wanting for nothing, never a fear.

For my last wish
I want for nothing more 
Than a loving hand to hold
When I am grey and old.

If a genie in a lamp
Is listening in to me
Here are my wishes
One, two and three.

Prose for Thought


  1. Beautiful poem with three lovely wishes :-) #ThePrompt

  2. A beautiful poem and great wishes. I especially love your last one.

  3. Love this, and your wishes are perfect. The last one is beautiful. It's funny, it hadn't even occurred to me to wish for money... Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  4. A super poem. Health and happiness is what I wish for, for my family and friends. Hope all your dreams and wishes come true :D

  5. Beautiful I love beautiful word it makes me happy x

  6. Lovely - yes health and happiness :) Definitely the most important!

  7. What a lovely poem mine would be love, health and happiness www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk

  8. I have to say that I would like to adopt everyone else's wishes too because they are all just perfect! #ThePrompt X

  9. Lovely poem, and three great wishes. Mel #ThePrompt

  10. Ah, that's really lovely. I think I would share those wishes!

  11. Perfect wishes, and a lovely poem x

  12. Such a perfect poem with perfect wishes #ThePrompt

  13. What a lovely set of wishes - how could anyone disagree?

  14. Very nice poem , I am rubbish at them .x

  15. What a beautiful poem and three perfect wishes. I hope they all come true :-) x

  16. This is really lovely, and some really thoughtful wishes x

  17. There are many others who share your sentiments, I'm sure. Gorgeous words.

  18. that gave me goosebumps, such a beautiful poem. #ThePrompt

  19. Gorgeous poem and the last wish brought a tear to my eye

  20. how lovely! I have never been able to write poetry so I'm really impressed reading other people's creations! lovely words x

  21. Hope the genie is listening! Best possible things to wish for.

  22. Great poem and so positive and lovely feeling. #prose4t

  23. This is absolutely and utterly beautiful. I love every word. Thank you so much for linking to Prose for Thought xx


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