12 Feb 2014

The MAD Blog Awards 2014 Nominations

The time has come to nominate your favourite blogs and bloggers for one of the hottest Blog Awards in town. The nominations for the MAD Blog Awards 2014 are now open.

Call it preposterous, over-ambitious or just plain loony, I have bit the bullet and decided to throw my hat (or feathered headdress) into the ring.

So here I am, unabashedly campaigning for my blog in the hope that you have enjoyed reading my little ramble through parenthood enough to nominate me in the Best New Blog, the Best Blog Writer and/or the Most Entertaining Blog categories.

Please do this for me, and I will wish some warm spring sunshine on your heads. And throw in a rainbow too. If that was not enough, picture this. If I am nominated, I get to wear a pretty frock, a hat (or hair fastener) and go to London City for a lovely night out.

So lovely people of the blogging world and my readers, please get nominating.

Here are a few fellow bloggers who I have been inspired/motivated/just plain bedazzled by:

Sara at Mum Turned Mom, whose writing I enjoy, and whose new linky, The Prompt, has inspired me to rekindle my love of writing.

Emily at A Mummy Too, who introduced me to the world of linkys, and whose recipes and photography is a wonderful reminder of what good food should be like.

Helen at Actually Mummy, who reminded me to write down all that J says, lest I forget it as he grows up.

Victoria at Verily Victoria Vocalises who re-introduced me to the long-forgotten world of poetry.

Charly at PODcast, whose beautiful photos bring stories to life.

Helen at Peakle Pie, who I met at my first ever bloggers meet, and whose creativity never ceases to amaze and inspire.

Keri-Anne at GingerLilly Tea, whose blog can easily transport me to a place of peace and tranquility, it almost has an ethereal feel about it.

Hope you have all you need to nominate your favourites (and me;-) ) now!


  1. This is SO very wonderful of you - thank you so much for mentioning me. I feel so chuffed that you have felt re-inspired to write poetry. It is such an important outlet - as I realised when I was writing tomorrows Prose for Thought this evening xx

    1. My pleasure, Victoria. I had just forgotten how much poetry meant to me. So thanks again for that xx

  2. Thank you so much for the kind mention. I really means a lot. xx

    1. You are very welcome :-) I was walking clueless in the blogosphere, when you picked up my banana and nutella muffins. So thank you for that. xx

  3. Thank you so so much, what a wonderful thing to say. I absolutely love taking photographs so this means so much. I'd do it all day long if I could. A great selection of bloggers there too :)

    1. I really do enjoy your photography. Am hoping some of that skill rubs off on me ;-D

  4. Thanks for writing about the awards, here’s wishing you the best of luck (and lots of rainbows) for your blog!
    MADs Editor


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