25 Feb 2014

The Adventures of Barny the Bear

Hello! I am Barny the Bear. I am a sponge snack with hidden fillings that kids are sure to love. I am now available in two delicious new flavours - Strawberry and Apple. I do not contain any artificial colours or preservatives.

I was sent by the good people at BarnyWorld to stay a few days with a lovely little boy called J.

I was very pleased to meet J. And I think J was very pleased to meet me too.
J is pleased to meet Barny Bear
J took me out of my big box and put me in his trusty backpack, ready to go on an adventure.

Ready for an adventure
J and I have been on many little adventures together over these last few days. Whatever the weather, we have always found something fun and exciting to do together. Here's what we have got up to.

One drizzly Sunday morning, we got to ride on the trams. I sat in my very own seat and had a good look out the window. It was all very exciting to see things zooming by. I learnt something new today, that trams have special tracks to go on and they can run on roads. They are a little bit like trains, and a little bit like buses. How very interesting!

Riding on the Trams
J and I hopped off one tram and then got onto another one. Soon we reached a station by the river. We got off and walked to a great big bridge that went across the water. It was so much fun to run across the bridge from one end to the other, peering over first one side and then the other. We saw some boats but could not spot any fish.

By the Big Bridge across the Water
The next day, I went to school with J. We drove in a dinky little car. J was so kind to let me try out his special car seat. It looked very thrilling with lots of belts and buckles and hooks and locks.

Trying the Car Seat

And then when the sun came shining out, we put on our warm winter coats and went to the park. First, we had a go on the springy bike. It kept bouncing and rocking and I thought I was going to fall off. But J kept hold of me quite firmly, and I soon began enjoying it.

Next, we sat on the swings. J kept wanting to be pushed higher and faster. Soon we were going so fast and so high, I thought we would reach the tops of the trees. Our noses were cold and our cheeks were all red, but I think it was the most fun I have ever had.

We had a go on the roundabout too. It kept whizzing round and round till I felt my head spin like a top. It was really rather exhilarating.

Fun at the Park
Another day, we went to a big lake. I was thrilled to see so many ducks and geese and swans swimming by. They were being very noisy. And always seemed so very hungry. They kept swimming to us to see if we had any food. I am glad J did not feed me to them. I don't think I would have liked that.

By the Lake
Did I tell you about the day J took me riding on his balance bike? The bike had no pedals, J just kept kicking it along with his little feet. And boy, was he fast! We whished and we whooshed and we zoomed along at such a pace, it was all very thrilling.

Zooming on a Balance Bike
And then with his helmet still on his head, J decided it was time for some more boisterous fun. So we had a go at jumping on the trampoline. Bounce, bounce and tumble, landing on the soft grass beneath. Then off to play with a ball. Kicking it around, throwing it high up in the sky and waiting underneath to catch it.
Boisterous fun in the Garden
As if that wasn't rambunctious enough, we decided to climb up an apple tree. J sat on the lower branches while I scrambled to find a perch higher up, far away from the ground. I could see for miles around and if I had stretched my arms, I would have touched the fluffy clouds in the blue sky.

Climbing an apple tree
One Sunday afternoon when the sun was shining, J took me for a little ride on his tricycle. I sat on the seat but could not reach the pedals. So J just pushed me along instead. We went all around the garden, stopping ever so often to watch a spider spinning a web or a ladybird crawling under a leaf.

Riding a Tricycle

We stopped to put out some seed for the birds. And then sat and waited for the birds to come. We waited and waited for a very long time. The birds were in the garden, but they did not come over to eat the seed. Maybe they just didn't like our seed. Or maybe we just scared them away.
Watching and waiting for the birds
We had a go at spotting some colour in the garden. We found green leaves, the blue sky, a red robin, yellow daffodil buds, purple crocuses and some pretty pink flowers blooming high up in a tree.

Finding colour 
J showed me the little green pot in which he had planted a tulip bulb last autumn. It has started giving out a shoot, but it will be a while yet before we see a flower.

Waiting for the Tulips 
And the day when it was all cold, windy, wet and raining, we went to the library and read lots of books. Books with stories about other bears and babies and little brown hares. We listened to the Story-book Lady read a funny story about a giraffe that could't dance.

Reading books at the library

And then it was time to go back home.

I have had lots of fun with J these last few days. So much, that I did not mind when J decided to eat me. He was very pleased to nibble into my sponge ears and discover the delicious fruity filling inside.

Barny tastes really yummy!
J has promised me lots more fun-filled little adventures. He is even going to take me on a big aeroplane when he goes to see his Grandma in the summer. I am so excited, I cannot wait.

I hope to be back soon to tell you all about it.

J adds, "I have really enjoyed being with Barny the Bear. We have been exploring everywhere. We have been to exciting places and done lots of interesting things together. He is such a lot of fun and loves having adventures as much as I do. He tastes really yummy too!"

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Winter Little Adventures Challenge’ sponsored by Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling. Find out more about Barny here.

Disclaimer : We were sent samples of Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling to try out for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Loved this! You must write short stories for children. Even if it does not get published, print it into a book for Jai to read. And when he outgrows it, keep it in a safe to gift it to your grandchildren one day. Jai will appreciate the "collection of Grandmas stories"

    1. Thanks Soumita. Something for me to think about when J goes to school :-)

  2. trusty backpack ha ha ha
    did he go all that time without eating it :-)

    1. He got 2 boxes of Barny. So we just kept replenishing the stock :-D


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