5 Feb 2014

Mr Nutcase Personalised Case Review

Mr Nutcase is a website that enables you to create personalised cases for your mobiles, I-pads, tablets and more.

You can either choose a design from their varied, rather impressive collection. Or you can hone your own creative skills by making your very own case design.

I was offered the opportunity to review a personalised case and I chose to make my own for my I-phone.

You start by choosing the manufacturer of your device. They cover all the big names like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Google, Nokia, Sony and more. Once you have the brand sorted, go on to select the make of your device. Then you decide whether you want an ultra light-weight slimline case or an executive flip leather style case. I chose the flip leather case.

Mr Nutcase Personalised I-phone Case
With these basic options in place, you are given a quote for how much your personalised case will cost. And now, it is time to get creative.

The design tool is very easy to use. Start by choosing a layout for your case. This allows you to upload multiple images if you want to create something of a collage for your personalised case. You can upload the image/s of your choice, crop them, turn them around, enlarge or shrink them to suit your needs. There is the option to add text to your images, along with clip-art. And you get a choice of background colours as well. You can then preview your creation and make any changes till you have everything just the way you like.

I opted to have one single photo on my case. I chose a photograph I had clicked recently and played around with the editing tools till I got it to look just so. I chose not to add any text or clip-art; the photo was perfect for me as is.

That is it, really. Once you are completely satisfied with your work of art, add it to the basket. There is a short and quick registration process for first-time users. That done, Mr Nutcase takes you through a secure payment process and issues a confirmation to say it is all done. You get a confirmation by email as well. Really simple.

The case was with me within a week and the people at Mr Nutcase kept me updated with the status of my order via regular emails.

Here is the finished product. My photo is on it, looking all nice, bright and colourful.

My Personalised I-phone Case
The plastic phone holder on the inside looks sturdy. It has a soft lining on which the phone sits, which I suppose, is an added protection against bumps and falls. My I-phone, 5S in this case, sits nice and snug in the holder. This is really important for me, as I don't fancy my phone slipping out of an ill-fitting case and falling from my hands.

A Perfect Fit
The case has apertures for all the key buttons and switches in just the right places. So I can access the sleep/wake button, the volume controls, and plug in earplugs without having to flip the case open. The camera lens and flash are accessible too. All very handy.

Aperture for Earplugs
One thing I could have done was add a background colour when I was creating my personalised case on the Mr Nutcase website. This I did not do. So the rest of my case is a plain white. Need to remember that the next time I design my personalised case!

The Background sans Colour
Now if a technophobe like me can make my own personalised gadget case, there is no reason why anybody else can't.

And there is the added bonus of free worldwide shipping. Did I mention the free pack of screenguards I got sent for liking Mr Nutcase on Facebook after I had placed my order?

Free Pack of Screeenguards
The Mr Nutcase personalised gadget cases come in a range of prices depending on the size and type of case you choose.

Disclaimer: I was sent a personalised I-phone case  for the purpose of doing this review. No payment was received for this post. 


  1. I like it - my partner and I have the same phone and we keep having to make sure we take the right one!

  2. Looks like a nice sturdy case - perfect when you've got little ones lobbing your phone about!

  3. A brilliant and detailed review.

  4. That case looks like it fully protects the phone... I end up dropping mine sometimes so this would be perfect for me. I also like that you can personalise the case to fit your attitude.

  5. Oh this look fab! I have a new Nokia and have been looking for a case- I love the idea of being able to personalise one - off to check out their site now :)

  6. It looks really nice! Like the design you've chosen, and I think the white background looks okay!

  7. I know someone who has their blog logo printed on their phone so you can see it when they hold it up to take photos! Great idea.

  8. This looks great - I've already smashed the back of my iphone from dropping it and need to find something to protect it. Thank you for sharing!

  9. This looks like a great case, I love the idea of personalising the cover

  10. I love the photo you chose.

  11. I am about to order a case from them as well, but I am stuck on picking the right picture for it... madness... I want to get it just right but I am unable to decide what to do for...

  12. Great review. I like personalized accessories.

  13. It looks like a really great case. I really like the ability to customise my case, after all it's one of the things I look at for most of the day :)

  14. That is brilliant - I have been looking for a personalised flip case

  15. I've always wanted a case like this for my phone as them seem to add a lot of protection, might have to check this website out.

  16. I like the look of this. I so need a phone case right now!


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