3 Feb 2014

J Speaks 04/02/2014

J is turning out to be quite a chatterbox. He has an opinion about everything, and is seldom afraid to voice it. Quite loudly too at times. Here is the latest in what promises to be an eternal saga of Jspeak, if current form is anything to go by.

I was chauffeuring J to one of his many toddler groups, when the car went through a particularly large pothole in the middle of the road. As luck would have it, it was the wheel over which J sits, perched in his car-seat, that happened to bump through.
"Vaidhi, what are you doinngg?? Car is stuck in the muck!" came a voice from the back seat. I was torn between annoyance at the back seat driving and a serious belly laugh. Chose the latter.
Note: There is no doubt in my mind that the choice of these words are courtesy a particular book that has recently taken J's fancy - Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough.

We have had 'Like' for a while now, but 'Love' has made a recent appearance too. "I love..........,"  not necessarily the Parents. More often than not, a favourite toy or outdoor adventure!

"Mine!" has reared its head too. I wondered how long before that made an appearance. We went nearabouts two and a half years without it.

"J want!" is here too. Here to stay, by the sound of it.

"J not doing...." and "J do it." The former used in situations when I would prefer the latter was used. And the latter used when I would much rather have the former!

The conversation ran as follows. Yes, we have conversations now!
Me: J, do want to do a wee in the big potty?
J: No
Me: The little potty, then?
J: No
Me (more than a little frustrated): Do you just want to do a wee in your big boy pants, then???
J: No, in my nappy!
Me: Speechless!

"J not coming! It not school time," when told to get ready to go to school. No surprises there.

"Want kissy, want cuddle," with arms flung wide open, big brown puppy eyes staring up at my face. How can I resist? The heart melts, the anger fades, the irritation, the frustration, the annoyance all long forgotten.

"Where's it gone? It's hiding!"Just about anything or anyone that can't be found.

We are getting a grip on opposites too. First up, temperature. Quite rightly, as all J has ever heard is me yelling at him to keep away from hot cups of tea, the kettle, the cooker, the oven, the bath, the electric sockets and a host of other things. So we have, "Hot, not cold. This is hot. That is not cold." You get the drift.

And to round off the week, here is a priceless gem in Marathi. J woke up on Sunday and said, "Manoos (Man)," while pointing to M, still asleep in bed. I have no idea what prompted this spontaneous utterance. I retorted with, "Aapla Baba (Our Daddy)." J picked the cue to come up with, "Aapla Manoos (Our Man)." The Parents all but fell out of bed in a fit of giggles.

Wot So Funee?


  1. Ah Jez Alborough has a lot to answer for. "Fix it" was a regular utterance in our house for years. Although maybe that was down to Bob the Builder, now I think of it! Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thanks for such a fun linky. I love to record what J says and it is great to read what wisdom the other kids are spouting too :-D

  2. Replies
    1. They seem to disappear and turn up at random.

  3. Love these - Lucas loved Duck in a Truck too. You have one seriously cute little big man xx #funee

    1. Aww, thanks. He really is quite a character! xx

  4. Grace says - excellent talking little dude. You certainly know how to make us giggle. #funee

    1. J says it is his pleasure :-D He loves it when he makes everyone smile and feel happy.

  5. Grace says - great job little dude. You certainly know how to make us giggle xx #funee

  6. What a character you have there!

  7. That little dude is so adorable! Uhm! Character of these little people is just incredible. xx

  8. It's adorable when they start to put words together like that isn't it?Sounds like J is full of personality: funny!

  9. Oh these first words are a life time treasure. These little people amaze you in ways beyond imagination.Such miracles are they.One of the greatest joy of being a parent

  10. Oh these first words are the life time treasure . These little people amaze you in ways beyond imagination. Cute miracles are they.


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