19 Jan 2014

Our Perfect Day at Center Parcs

Our Family, Our Time

Our perfect day at Center Parcs will be a day we spend together, as a family, doing things that all of us enjoy. There will be something for everyone, with lots of fun and adventure for all. It will be a day where we

cycle along endless Cycle Paths 
live in luxury at the Executive Lodge, New Style 
experience the beauty of Nature
have fun at a Teddy Bears' Picnic
have an exciting Encounter with Owls
eat delicious food at Rajinda Pradesh
get creative with Pottery Painting
pamper ourselves at the Aqua Sana Spa
explore the countryside with a Ranger's Ramble
get adventurous on a C(q)uad Bike Safari
splash about in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise

Out on an Adventure

Our perfect day at Center Parcs will be a great mix of -

Time together
Collecting memories

Our J is a little over two and a half years' old. So Harrison and Eve's adventure with their Mum and Dad was one we could identify with. 

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 January challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Sherwood Forest.
(And I really, really do hope I am!)


  1. Awh this is lovely. I was checking out the competition and stumbled on your lovely blog. xx

  2. Thank you for such an encouraging comment. Glad you enjoyed reading my blog x

  3. Center Parcs is great, we're big fans in this house!


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