26 Nov 2013

What's He Said Now?

"What a mess!" My son said to me when I dropped a box of his building blocks on the floor. Talk about role reversal!

I have to be uber careful about what I say around J these days. He is emulating not just what I say, but how I say it as well. Scary!

"Oh my God!"
"In a minute."
"Be careful."
"Come on, M-----."

"Vaidehi, Vaidehi, Vaidehi," when he really wants my attention.

"J---- manage." When asked if he needed help getting out of his car seat.

"No kissy, no cuddle." M and I being told what was wanted, or in this case not wanted, in no uncertain terms.

"Morning, Sunshine." J greets the morning with a bright smile, most days.

Baby Grope - is what J insists on calling his babygro. Sigh!

I was telling J about why he should take care when climbing stairs. I told him that if it is a big boo boo, Aai will not be able to kiss it better. He might need to see a doctor. J looks at me with his innocent brown eyes and says, "Doctor kissy." I do so wish it was always that easy, my sweets. 

Wot So Funee?


  1. I just love this stage in language development :) So cute! #Wotsofunee

  2. Awwww they are so so sweet at this age. But has started saying oh my God a lot now - I can't believe I'm dealing with "bad" language at the age of 6 :)

    1. As long as its blasphemy and not swear words!


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