14 Nov 2013

J Speaks. More Each Day!

Sparkolours - sparklers with colour

Helephant - Heffalump? Half an elephant?
"Look! Helephant!" said J, pointing out the living room window. "And Monkey!"
In the North West of England. In the middle of November. What next?

Every time Sam Bailey comes on to sing on the X Factor, J gets very excited. He points to the screen and goes, "Aai, Aai, Aai! Singing!"
Sigh! If only I sounded that good! Or looked half as glam.
What would I do without my little J? I would be quite lost without my biggest supporter in the whole wide world.

J follows me around everywhere. So I call him my 'sheput'. It means tail in our native tongue.
J has figured out what it means, heaven knows how. The other day, he wanted M to go with him into the kitchen. He stood peering around the door, a cheeky grin lighting up his eyes. Beckoning to M with a crook of his little finger he said, "Come on, Shepoot." M and I could only collapse in a hysterical fit of giggles.

J  now says, "Bless you," every time I sneeze. He says it every time he sneezes too! Especially if I forget to say it to him. Bless him!

Wot So Funee?

"Doka sambhal, Baba!" J telling his Father to 'mind his head' as he was crouching under a low beam in soft play.


  1. How cute. Actually does a link up about the funny things kids say and do on a tuesday - you should link up xx

    1. Thanks Louise. Is it the #wotsofunee? Have linked up before xx

  2. Oh he sounds just adorable! And he thinks you're Sam Bailey? Result!

    1. Good thing he doesn't think I am Lady Gaga! :-D


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