30 Nov 2013

Cookworks Kettle Capers

                                                           The day doesn't begin
Till a hot cup of tea
Has passed my lips
And then I am me.

A wire, a switch, a base
A bit of plastic, mainly stainless steel,
Warming and boiling water
My trusty buddy, at most every meal.

We've been together a very long time
Then one morning, I got a mighty fright,
I plugged it in, I flicked the switch 
But of the orange light, there was no sight.

Upset and unhappy, I tried with all my might
To fix my poor kettle, my morning's delight.
Water boiling in a pan, just doesn't feel right
I needed my Cookworks Kettle to be alright.

I turned it off, switched it on
Thumped the base, turned it upside down
Pulled the plug, and tried all sorts
Even cleaned the kettle, to hear its boiling sound.

Nothing happened, not even a flicker
Annoyed, I walloped it in disbelief,
Then a miracle, something clicked
My kettle started boiling, what a relief!

On a cold winter's morning 
Or a wet summer's day
My trusty Cookworks Kettle
Is never far away.

This blog post is my  entry into the Tots100/PartSelect ’Love Your Appliance’ competition.
This appliance gets my seal of approval!


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