27 Aug 2013

Last of the Summer Sunshine - at Red House Farm

The 'end of summer' bank holiday Monday turned out to be a bright sunny day with temperatures in the mid-20s. It presented the perfect opportunity to soak up the last of the summer sunshine before we relapse into the cold of autumn and  winter.

To make the most of this most elusive British sun we decided to head out to Dunham Massey. It is a rather delightful National Trust site,  and J was very excited at the prospect of seeing some deer.  We were about 2 minutes from Dunham Massey, when we, rather I, had a change of heart.  So I turned the car right instead of left (at this point M would argue that I just did what he thinks women drivers do - confuse their lefts and rights), and we ended up at Red House Farm instead. 

22 Aug 2013

The MSI, Manchester

If you ever find yourself in or around Manchester and stuck for ideas to entertain yourself and/or the kids, look no further. Head straight to the Museum of Science and Industry,  henceforth known as the MSI. It is the perfect place for an exciting day out without having to break the bank. It is absolutely free to visit. They do request you make a small donation, but it is entirely voluntary. Even the shuttle bus (metroshuttle 2 in this case) that brings you to the MSI from Manchester is free. It surely does not get better than this!

Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

You do not even have to be scientifically inclined to enjoy the MSI. All you need is to tap into your inner child, and you are set for a fantastic time. In addition to the permanent exhibits, they always seem to have something new going on. So there is always something different to see and do each time.

10 Aug 2013

The Wheels on the Bus

When I was little, I rode a bus to school every day.  In the holidays, I took a train to go visit our Grandma. I occasionally got a ride in a taxi car. And never ever got to fly in an aeroplane till I was an adult. 

My son gets to ride in a car every day.  He has already been on a couple of long-haul and a short-haul flight. He has ridden on trams and steam trains a few times. But he has been on a bus just once in his two little years.

The Wheels on the Bus

J doesn't even have a proper bus amongst his array of toys. He has however,  been singing about buses and their wheels going round and round every day since he was six months old. Or rather, been hearing me sing about buses and their wheels, wipers, bells, engines, since he was six months old!  

6 Aug 2013

Of Growth Spurts and Milestones

J recently had his 2 year check with the health visitor. She was happy with the way he was performing (apart from the loud screams when I tried to stand him on the scales to get weighed) and satisfied that he had achieved all developmental milestones appropriate for his age (including the loud screams when we tried to measure his height).

Of Growth Spurts and Milestones

Growth spurts and milestones. We have been through a few of those over the last couple of years. Nothing you read in books, nothing they talk about at health checks, can actually prepare you for what goes on during one of these episodes.

1 Aug 2013

A Baker's Dozen

I am morphing into a domestic goddess. Those who have known me long enough and well enough are allowed to snigger at this point. They are even allowed to fall off their chairs in a fit of side splitting belly laughs. The truth is that I am, to rephrase Charlotte Lucas from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, discovering the joys of managing my own household.

And am delighting in the therapeutic joys of baking. These are not therapeutic, unfortunately and regrettably, to an expanding waistline. The catharsis offered by baking is for the soul alone. There is nothing more relaxing than crumbing some butter and flour with your fingers, while listening to Strauss on Classic FM.

So broadening middle notwithstanding,  we embark on another muffin-making expedition. Banana and walnuts this time,  with sultanas thrown in for good measure. 

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