4 Jul 2013

The intervening years... and the inspiration

A lot has happened since I last blogged on Walkalong.  6 years,  2 jobs,  4 house-moves, a few more walks that I will not be blogging about.  Most importantly,  the one chance happening that has completely transformed my life. I had my baby. Nothing has been the same since.
The intervening years... and the inspiration

My baby is a little boy now, a toddling 2 year old.  So we have already journeyed through countless sleepless nights, a million nappies and breastfeeds, weaning, sippy cups, a zillion colds and 16 teeth. Not forgetting 1 broken bone and 2 scraped knees.

Now comes the interesting bit and the source of my creative inspiration.  My little boy, not unlike many others of his age, is as curious as a cat. And sharper than a blade. He sees and hears everything,  and forgets almost nothing!  With two languages to grasp (English and his native Marathi), you would think he has enough on his plate already. The words are coming thick and fast, in both languages may I add, and the babbling is incessant.  But the need to explore is insatiable. 

I have to be on my toes, out-thinking his next move,  almost like in a game of chess. Always making sure that he stays safe. At the same time,  trying not to curb his enthusiasm to try his hand at everything. So I have to think of ways to stimulate his blossoming mind and channel his abundant energy.  And being a 2 year old,  no two days are alike.

I am warming to this challenge.  Although I have my off days, I am enjoying exploring  talents that I never had and rediscovering the ones that were lying dormant for far too long. Cooking, baking, reading aloud, arts and crafts, rough and tumble, there is always something new to do, something different to try (with repetitions after a few days - I am not yet super creative, you see. And I do at times draw on other sources of inspiration aka the internet).

On the whole, keeping my toddler constructively occupied has sparked off my latent creativity.  And I think sharing my ideas and experiences with other parents might just help kick-start more creative sparks (or just make them smile).


  1. तुला लिहायला वेळ कसा मिळाला? टोण्या झोपल्यावर का? don't worry about the repititions though - they love it - तुझी भाची नाही का तेच तेच वाचायची आणि बघायची?

  2. Vadehi your writing is so descriptive that i can actually see the scene. And the final picture where he is hugging you is so adorable.

  3. Vadehi your writing is so descriptive that i can actually see the scene. And the final picture where he is hugging you is so adorable.

  4. Glad you are enjoyed this post Priya. Support from friends means so much. Thank you x


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