12 Jul 2013

Picnic in a Park

There is nothing better than a picnic in a park to keep a toddler happily occupied on a hot summer's day. Even better if you can share it with a friend. So that is exactly what my son and I set out to do this morning. 
Stuff to pack when organising a picnic with a toddler:
- food, lots of it. A wide variety of things they usually enjoy plus a couple of treats, preferably healthy ones.They still invariably catch you out as I learned today,  when J (my son) tried to eat his friend E's picnic!
- drinks, again,  lots of 
- a hat, if they let you put it on their heads and then actually leave it on
- sunscreen, so you are not left worrying about whether the hat has stayed put on that little head
- a picnic mat to rest weary little bums on
-the usual essentials you wouldn't leave home without when you are Mum to a tot - spare nappies,  wipes, tissues,  nappy sacs
- do not forget the toys - a ball or a frisbee  should generally suffice

the Picnic Spread

An absolute must have when you only have two hands and a boisterous toddler to walk to the park (and back), is a backpack.  Especially one that you can get all your bits and bobs in, so that you have two free hands to hold onto your little one and any surprises they throw at you along the way (and back).
Ye olde faithful

...for a handsfree experience

Things to not do when walking your toddler to the park (and back) is to have bright ideas about the ability of your tot to manoeuvre his tricycle. "Why don't you ride your trike as we walk to the park instead of going in your pushchair?" No. Never. Especially if he has yet to master the art of pedalling. Or steering in a straight line when you are pushing with the parent handle. Even more so if it takes you 20 minutes to walk to the park on a good day.

They say there is wisdom in hindsight.  There most certainly is. Once you have carried a sleeping two year old all the way back home from a picnic, dragging a trike with one hand, sleeping tot tucked in the other, you do end up a lot wiser. Sore backs aid memory, they say.

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