8 Jul 2013

Aloo tikki (spicy potato patties)

My little boy loves to help me with all my household chores. Or at least he thinks he is lending me a big helping hand. The truth is it only adds to the burgeoning mess that is omnipresent in our house, and takes twice as long to get anything done. It also helps hone my multitasking. One eye on the task at hand, another on my little helper. If my back is turned,  both ears tuned in to toddler sounds - crash, bang, thump, thud, chatter chatter. No sound means drop whatever it is I am doing and run to make sure everything is alright.

Most of the time it is easier to actually let him help. Even if it does take longer to get things done. I think it adds to his sense of accomplishment. It also prevents meltdowns, which are time consuming anyway. Add some encouragement and pile on the praise and you have one happy, beaming toddler - much easier to contend with than a whingy, whiny one.

This brings me to Sunday gone. It was a glorious day with brilliant sunshine. Perfect for a picnic. So we planned one along with a bunch of friends. The format was 'pot luck', so everyone brings some food for all to share. I volunteered to make some aloo tikkis; easy to make lots of even when there is a two year old toddling around. Better still, my son loves them. He calls them 'altikkki'. And going back to the helpful toddler theme, what better than a bunch of boiled (and cooled) potatoes to get their little (washed) hands on!

So this is how I made my spicy potato patties.

-a huge amount of potatoes, boiled,  peeled and cooled.  Then mashed to within an inch of their lives with a little help from my son. I left him to play with a couple while I got on with the rest of the prep and cooking.  It kept him busy and happy, not to mention starchy, by the time I finished.

- seasoned with cumin powder, coriander powder, 1 finely chopped green chilli, turmeric, salt, a bit of red chilli powder and some amchur (dried mango powder).

Ideally, I should have measured everything out. But I took the easier option of taste and decide. So all the seasoning got chucked in till the potato mixture tasted alright.

Then I rolled the mixture into little round balls. My son was still engrossd with his sticky potatoes, so passed this opportunity to play catch with potato balls, thank goodness!  Each ball got patted down on the palm of my hand into little patties. I then pan-fried them with a little oil on both sides. I managed to make around 50 tikkis. They must have been okay,  as none of them made their way back home  from the picnic.

My son loves them with a bit of tomato ketchup on the side. There are variations that I have tried. More on those later, when I actually get a chance to measure some ingredients to make them easily reproducible.

Aloo tikki (spicy potato patties)


  1. Yummy! I love aloo tikkis. I've made variations, adding shredded carrots or zucchini to it - anything to get them to eat some vegetables! :)

    1. So true. I have msde some with cheddar cheese stuffing. Went down a treat.

  2. Khoop chaan, Yes I like what Jui said, you can add more veggies like grated carrots. Also boiled peas.. add some binding agent like corn flour or besan, to make them a little more sturdy.. I also add coriander
    leaves and mint.. lemon juice instead of amchur.. fresh and zingy :)

    1. Thanks Padma. Will definitely try that next time. Will let you know how that turns out.


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