22 May 2007

Walk along

I am discovering the joys of walking. Not that I never walked, or that I didn't know how to. It's just that now seems to be as good a time as any to really walk. Not to work or to the supermarket.

But walk as I have never walked before. Along narrow, winding country roads. On woodland footpaths and mountain trails. By the river. Across lakes. Through heather on vast stretches of moorland. 

To quaint villages nestled in the dales. Every view picture perfect. The miles melting away in the exhilaration and anticipation of what lies beyond.

I am still very much a novice. So I follow the beaten path, walking in the footsteps of fellow ramblers before me. With a little help from printed directions and signposts. Equipped with nothing more than a pair of budget walking shoes and basic rations in a rucksack.

The dream is to get some decent gear, a GPS, and walk further afield.

Come and join me, so that we can walk along together.

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Walk Along with Vai


  1. Good! You have the opportunity and time, situated where you are now. Make the most of it.

  2. sahi, keep going...u have good writing skills


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