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Hi, I am Vai from Rambling Through Parenthood. I am an ex-medic and scientist who used to work in medicines information. 

Life took a highly unexpected and utterly endearing turn when I fell pregnant. And then turned on its head when my little son came along. When the time came to go back to work, I was just not ready. I was plagued by separation anxiety and the pain was excruciating. To end the agony and return to a reasonably peaceful existence, I decided to become a stay-at-home mother to my little boy.

And then it happened. After long years of dormancy, my creative spark was reignited and I started to blog. I wrote about being a first-time mother and about raising a bilingual child. I wrote about the adventures we shared as a family. I took lots of photos and I wrote poetry for the first time in over fifteen years.

So here I am, rambling through parenthood. I intend to carry on sharing my thoughts and experiences in the hope they will inspire you along journeys of your own.

If you haven't already done so, please check out my Instagram account. It's where I post my travel photos and use them as inspiration to write micro-poetry.

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