29 Nov 2016

Stay Warm This Winter on a Budget

Temperatures are dipping and the cold nights are drawing in as we head into December.

We all want to have a cosy home in winter but none of us want the cost that comes with it. You can start by looking to switch energy providers. There are lots of great deals available and some even offer cashback when you switch.

There are lots of additional little things that you can do around the home that can keep those bills down and help create a warm environment in an energy efficient way. 

Here are a few easy tips and tricks that can help you stay warm this winter on a budget.

Start with the help of home d├ęcor accessories. Opening curtains to let the sun in during the day and closing them when it gets darker is a great way to help your home retain heat. If you are ready for an update, choose some thermal curtains that are now widely available.
Spreading a rug or a carpet on bare floors is a lovely way to add some warm comfort to those cold tiles.

Closing all doors helps create a sauna-like effect and preserves the warmth coming from the radiators in the area you are in. It is a great way to prevent energy waste as well.

Speaking of radiators, make sure you don’t keep furniture too close to them so that you are not blocking some of the heat coming out of them. Experts also recommend placing a shelf above the radiator, so that the heat does not rise directly above the area but spreads across the room instead. You can even go a step further with the radiator by adding tin foil behind it, so that the heat emitted will be reflected into the room.

Another way to up the temperature control in your house during winter is by closing seal leaks and draught proofing. Check windows and doors, and close fireplace vents when they aren’t in use. 

Of course, there are other things such as investing in a programmable thermostat, so that you have precise control over the energy usage in your home.

Check out this infographic for tips and tricks to keep your home warm this winter, on a budget. And don't forget to pin it for later. 

Stay Warm This Winter on a Budget
Stay Warm This Winter on a Budget

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  1. Some great tips. We changed all our lightbulbs last year to energy saving ones and I've noticed a real difference in our bill this winter.

  2. For me I put extra layers on but this is a great infographic to keep warm on a budget!

  3. Some fab tips. I always forget to close doors x

  4. That's a great infographic with some fab tips! I'll definitely be trying some of those. x


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