6 Jun 2016

Kinetic Sand Build - Crash 'em Cars

I had heard a lot about kinetic sand, so was intrigued when given the opportunity to try out the new Kinetic Sand Build - Crash 'em Cars by Spin Master.

Kinetic Sand Build - Crash 'em Cars by Spin Master.

What is Kinetic Sand?

What is Kinetic Sand?

It is a new building formula that is designed to hold its shape. It is like real wet sand in that you can use it to build all sorts. But unlike real sand, it is so much easier to clean up. It does not stick to the skin, and all you need is a clump of kinetic sand to dab up any stray bits.

Kinetic Sand Build - Crash 'em Cars: contents of the kit

Our Crash 'em Cars kit came with two packets of kinetic sand, one in red and the other in blue. There were 10 plastic moulds, 2 car chassis, 2 card ramps and a double-sided play track with the option of a figure-of-8 or a straight racing track.

It took me a while to figure out how to build the cars. So I enlisted M to help with the construction. After some trial and error, we did manage to build a pair of neat cars. 

Here is how we built our kinetic sand cars:
  1. Roll a chunk of kinetic sand into a smooth ball.
  2. Fill the kinetic sand into a plastic mould. This could either be the body of the car, the bumper, a sand spoiler, an engine or a driver. Whatever you do, do not fill the chassis with sand. Or try to mould sand onto the chassis, like I did.
  3. Make sure the kinetic sand fills and packs tightly into each mould.
  4. Tap out the moulded shape.
  5. Now assemble your car - The body goes onto the chassis. The bumper should fit on the bumper ribs at the front of the chassis. The engine, driver and spoiler go on the top of the body. You can also fill the outside of the wheels with kinetic sand. I think this is to add stability. Or it could just be to make the cars look pretty.
  6. Go for a monochrome look in all red or all blue. Or opt for a bit of both colours in your car.
  7. You can add interest to the race track by moulding cones and placing ramps.

Roll a chunk of kinetic sand into a smooth ball.

Fill the kinetic sand into a plastic mould.

assemble your car

We went monochrome on this one

The instructions suggest building either a rally car or a race car. But by mixing and matching the moulds, you can potentially create a plethora of sand cars. 

Once made, it is time to test drive the cars and crash them! My boys spent a good few hours building, crashing and then rebuilding their cars. 

Crash 'em!

Build and crash again

The moulds were easy enough to use and the cars were fun to make once we knew what went where and how. Be warned though. You start out with distinct red and blue kinetic sand. By the end of a few hours of play, you will be left with a purple mass of sand. Still, all good fun.

Change to the other racing track

Add interest with cones and ramps

I like how all the kinetic sand and other pieces can be neatly stored away in the box that they came in. And I absolutely love that the sand is mess-free and easy to clean up.  

Kinetic Sand Build - Crash 'em Cars

You can buy a set of Kinetic Sand Build Crash 'em Cars by Spinmaster through all major toy retailers or on Amazon via the link below:

Disclosure: We were sent a set of Kinetic Sand Crash 'em Cars for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Kinetic sand sounds like lots of fun! I'm sure LP would have a fantastic time playing with it! Great review, thanks for sharing. x

  2. Hey ,
    You have shared how to make way and car.Nice method.It's the beautiful play for child.Thank you very much for your nice post.

  3. This looks great. My daughter would like this. She loves sand and cars. A winning combination x

  4. This looks great. My daughter would like this. She loves sand and cars. A winning combination x


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