15 Jul 2013

J's First Ramble

So we are back to where it all began all those years ago. Back to writing about rambling through the English countryside. The only difference being this time we were accompanied by our little son J. And it was not really the countryside we went walking in.

Our sojourn this Sunday morning took us to Sale Water Park. It was recommended to us by a friend who often goes cycling there. There has always been a body of water near all my previous homes, be it a lake, a river, the sea or an ocean. I have sorely missed Tynemouth Beach ever since we relocated from Newcastle. The only water that I have found in Sale is the Bridgewater Canal (long narrow stretches of water don't do it for me). The Salford Quays have been some consolation. I had to check out this lake and river that are on my doorstep,  but have remained elusive for over a year. 

J wanted to take his tricycle along, but the memories of last week's walk to the park (and the sore back) made me decide otherwise. He was easily convinced to go for a 'wok' instead. Since M (with an extra pair of hands) was on hand, I decided to ditch my trusty handsfree backpack in favour of a proper girly pink bag. J was adamant he would take his 'choo-choo train' backpack.  He hardly ever leaves home without it - his little kit-bag with rice cakes, dried fruit, wipes and a drink. I manage to smuggle in some spare nappies in there as well.

We parked at the visitor centre and popped in to see if they had a map. They did, which was rather good for M and I are notorious for taking detours off the beaten path and ending up lost. The helpful gentleman handed us a copy and quite cheekily offered to send out a rescue party if we had not returned within the hour!

J was quite pleased with the whole setup.  Lots of grass, lots of trees, and even more flowers. Not to mention lots of other little 'bogirl' (that's boys and girls in J speak) and doggies. He was quite content to trot along.

That's us trotting along
We were soon at the edge of the lake. J was fascinated! Between the million or so aquatic birds quacking and honking by the water's edge, and the variety of boats treading water, they had him rivetted. All he wanted to do was stand on the jetty and watch the world, especially the birds go by.

Watching the world go by
It was only the prospect of an ice lolly and a roll on the grassy bank that pried him away. So far so good. "My son is a born rambler", I say to myself. "Shall we walk a bit further along the water's edge? Maybe try and go all the way round," I say aloud. Famous last words. 15 minutes in, the child throws his hands in the air and asks to be carried. Cue M to the rescue. J gets hoisted up onto his shoulders and is carried all the way back. I am sure he thoroughly enjoyed the view from his perch atop M!

I did not find the Atlantic Ocean or the North Sea, but I did find the Mersey river and a lake on the edge of Sale. We are certain to spend many a Sunday there, ambling by the water's edge.
Footnote: Did I mention the completely inappropriate choice of footwear I picked for this outing? "Shiny!" as J would say.

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  1. what a really fantastic trip out, although i do love your footwear maybe your right maybe not the best choice :-)

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

    1. I had no choice. J picked them out and insisted I wear 'shiny' :-D

  2. Fabulous photos - I'm especially loving the shadow one! New follower from #magicmoments x


    1. Thank you, Deborah. I do like to experiment a bit with my photos. Some work, others don't :-)

  3. How lovely! I've not been up there myself - will have to remember it for the Spring time! (Not that I'm averse to a winter walk but will be housebound for a while post section!)

  4. It is a nice place to visit if you are looking for somewhere quiet. You might want to take a sling or baby carrier though. As far as I remember, not all paths were buggy friendly.

  5. Looks like a lovely walk,great photos. Loving the 'shiny', the things we do for our kids :)

    1. Thanks Sara. J is a little magpie - loves anything shiny :-D

  6. A lovely scenic stroll along the waters edge and a great way for Little J to build up his stamina. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.


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